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Equestria Girls Dolls

27 Jun


Looks like some people have already been getting the Equestria Girls dolls in!
So its looking as though SOME of the dolls have full outfits and jointed elbows and knees, whereas some of the other dolls have painted on tops and are only jointed at the shoulders and hips.
Ill be holding out to get all of them fully jointed, which is looking like Im going to be starting my collection with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.


Orchids Girl Kurhn

22 Jun

So Iv been wanting a Kurhn for a while, and I finally made the plunge a couple of weeks ago and ordered this lovely lady online. I waffled between a bunch of different Kurhns but in the end I went with the Orchids Girl because she is one of the fully jointed ones at a reasonable price. And after getting her I am definitely certain that I want more of these. I may just focus my collection pretty heavily on Kurhn because she is absolutely beautiful.

OrchidDress02 OrchidDress03 OrchidDress04

She has a very classy look to her and her hair is absolutely wonderfully well styled. My only real issue is that the bow is unremovable, unless I wanted to remove it permanently.
It isn’t a huge deal because I do love the dress she comes in, all floofy and classic, so Im not really planning on changing her outfit much, but if I did want to I would have to be careful what clothes I picked to make sure they go with the bow.

OrchidJacket01 OrchidJacket02 OrchidJacket04

I really love her outfit with or without her jacket and am having a hard time deciding which way to display her! She looks so sweet and innocent in this.
Im also a huge fan of how she isn’t sporting extremely heavy makeup, unlike most North American doll lines. Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with Monster High and La Dee Da, but I do wish that they didn’t feature such ridiculously glitzy makeup. Orchids has sort of a soft, basic amount of makeup more in keeping with what you would normally wear on a typical day.

The seller on ebay also sent her with a freebie extra outfit, a red/pink kimono:

OrchidKimono01 OrchidKimono02 OrchidKimono03

It was super nice of the seller to send a little extra with the doll! It looks great on her, the only downside as I said is that it really dosn’t go well with the bow.
I will definitely be getting more of these, likely from the same seller again since she was very helpful, checking on the package for me when the tracking number wasn’t updating, and going the extra mile with a freebie!

On last shot, here she is on my shelf!


Two New Dolls (Lagoona and Merida)

21 Jun

Over the last week Iv procured two new dolls for my collection. One is my second Monster High and the other is a Disney doll that I ordered online a while back.
Lets take a look at the MH doll first!

This is Lagoona. It was always my plan to get a Lagoona next after Draculaura. Being that I am a huge fan of sea life and mermaid type fantasy peoples, I am absolutely smitten with Lagoona. Actually if anything, I think she could stand to be a bit more fishy. I love her webbed fingers, but I do wish that her webbed ears were bigger and stuck out more.


I plan on eventually getting the MH “Create your own monster” siren tail and turning her into a mermaid. To everyone who has said that Monster High shouldn’t have mermaids because mermaids are not monsters, I say that you have clearly not read much about traditional mermaid lore. For that matter, Monster High should really include a faerie at some point.

Lagoona01 Lagoona02

As you can see she photographs incredibly nicely. I love her colours and her eerie blue-green skin.
I think she looks a lot creepier and a lot more feral then Draculaura does. Her hair was also a lot nicer.
And here she is on my shelf!

Lagoona04 Lagoona05

Next up, Merida!
I absolutely love the Disney/Pixar film Brave. I thought it was absolutely fantastic, and Merida is one of my favourite heroines, so when I saw Merida dolls at Toys R Us I was interested. I held off though because Mattels Merida dolls look…. terrible. I couldn’t justify spending money on a doll that would ultimately disappoint me because it didn’t look a thing like the character it was representing.

Merida04 Merida03

This, however, is the Disney Store exclusive Merida and it, OH MY WORD ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE MERIDA.
Despite all the recent controversy around Meridas new Disney “redesign“, the Disney Store Merida doll is actually accurate, featuring her in her proper dress (and not some fashionista reinvisioning of it like Mattels dolls) and with her bow and arrow.

Merida02 Merida01

Shes also way better quality then I ever imagined she would be! Shes got 13 joints, including elbows, knees, wrists and ankles. Its also worth noting that her feet do NOT come molded for high heels, and she instead wears flats. This is completely in keeping with her character, heels would certainly not have been.
Unfortunately for me, my dolls left leg is a bit faulty and doesn’t allow her to sit, and since she doesn’t come with a stand, it makes it incredibly difficult to position her on my shelf.

Merida06 Merida05

Next to the Monster High dolls shes a bit taller at 11”. Next to her, Lagoona looks quite a bit younger!


Ill be getting my first Kurhn in a couple of days as well, so excited to get that one in!

My Mini Lalaloopsy Collection

1 Jun

Since I don’t have anything new to post about, and probably wont be making a new doll purchase for a little while, I thought that I would post a bit about my existing collection.

I have what I think is a pretty nice sized collection of Mini Lalaloopsies.
I do want one of the regular sized Lalaloopsy dolls, but the minis are just SO adorable and tiny that once I first saw them, I was head over heals in love with these toys. So this is my collection of Lalaloopsies.

LalaCase02 LalaCase03



My favourite two are in this last image: The cute little blue haired girl with the pigtails. Shes SO adorable with her tiny little hood and ice skates! And the to her left, with the brown button eyes and pink lacey dress. She has hearts on her cheeks instead of circles!

Im also rather fond of any of the ‘loopsies whos eyes are a colour other then black, since they mostly all have black eyes. Bea Spells a Lot towards the top stands out a lot with her bright blue eyes.
Since a lot of these are the same molds with different colours, I get very excited by unique molds, so I was thrilled to no end when the ice cream/food series was released. The LalaOopsies are pretty fun too, with their mismatched socks and odd skin colours!

And lastly, the LalaOopsy PONIES. Omigosh, these are flipping adorable. I do collect My Little Pony toys of course, so when I saw these things, I knew I had to add them to my collection at once!
Eventually I want to get a full sized Lalaloopsy, the one I have my eye on is the Snow Princess. I also want the mini mermaids added to my collection as well.
These are so cheap, collecting them is a major addiction!