Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash — Equestria Girls Dolls!!

8 Jul



They are here!!
Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are now gracing the shelves of my local Toys R Us and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.
They are so freaking adorable!!!  I just love their bright colours and huge cartoony booties. (Some people wont like the boots Im sure but Im in love with them so much omg)

These both came with two sets of clothes and boots.  I have them pictured here in the outfits that I preferred them in, as well as with their lovely sparkly wings *3*
I have to say, I utterly adore Rainbow Dashes default boots. Those things are definitely 20% cooler!

Fluttershy04 Fluttershy01 Fluttershy02 Fluttershy03

Fluttershy is for sure my favourite of the two.
This is not really surprising considering she is my favourite of all the ponies and was the one I was the most excited to get. I just love her super long pink hair! So cute~

Im not the hugest fan of the clothes the come in, I would have preferred them to come in the outfits they are seen in in the Equestria Girls movie. Ill probably end up getting some custom clothes made for them in the future, but this will be fine for now.

RainbowDash02 RainbowDash01 RainbowDash03 RainbowDash04

The only thing about Rainbow Dash that Im not really digging is her hair. I do love the idea of putting her hair in a ponytail, but her bangs just don’t sit against her face very nicely and kinda stick up in an odd way. Bangs seem to be a tricky hairstyle for dolls, and its pretty typical for a doll with bangs to have some really odd hair problems.

I do love their cutie marks on their cheeks (get it?? :3) and the mirror of the cutie mark in their eyes. That’s a really neat touch!


They are very posable, with joints stiff enough to hold poses very well. Unfortunately they don’t come with stands (really??) and cant stand up on their own, so unless you have some spare stands around, you will have to pose them sitting down! Which isn’t too terrible, as with enough fiddeling you can have them sit nicely without going spread eagle 😛

I really really love these dolls and cant wait for the rest of the set to hit stores!


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