13 Jul

So since my doll collection is growing a little bit now and dosnt seem to show any signs of stopping any time soon, the places to PUT these dolls was starting to run a bit thin and my bookshelves were starting to look a tad cluttered.
So today I bought a new shelf just for displaying my dolls! What fun! The Monster High dolls have their own spot on a different shelf, but these are the ones who were kind of needing a new space.

ShelfFull  ShelfTop ShelfMiddle

Since Im still pretty new to doll collecting, there aren’t quite enough of them to fill it out yet as you see, so I put the Blythe/MLP centaur and Woobat with them to kind of fill it out a bit. As I get more dolls they will probably move back with the ponies and pokemon stuff respectively!
And there is still a whole third shelf just waiting to be filled! Now I don’t have to worry with every purchase “Do I have somewhere to put this….?”

At least, not for a little while!


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