31 Jul


My Toys R Us finally got this in. The Squeeze and Growl Toothless plush. As soon as I started seeing reviews of this popping up on the internet, I was ecstatic.
When How to Train your Dragon first came out, one of the first things I said to my boyfriend at the time (now husband) was “OMG, I want a Toothless Plush.”

At the time, there were none. Yeah, maybe you could find some neat handmade stuff like a Toothless amigurumi or something like that, but there was no official Toothless plush, which I always thought was really a shame,
But now, this is not the case. Now, there is a whole BUNCH of How to Train your Dragon merch, thanks to the Dragons TV series and the sequel coming out soon. And this plushie is EXACTLY what I was hoping for back when the movie hit theaters. This is a gorgeous stuffed animal Toothless.

Toothless04  Toothless06Toothless07
The fearsome Nightfury at his most adorable, in chibi form! He looks amazingly accurate to the character from the movie whilst also being a much more chibified version. He even has the false bit on his tail! And best of all, he growls when you squeeze his tummy and it is SO CUTE OMG.
He cycles through three different growls. One angry roar, one neutral sounding growl, and a happy purr.

This is a near completely perfect toy. I really cant find anything I don’t like about it and Im so much in love with it.
In fact I love this plush so much that I have this childish urge to carry it around with me absolutely everywhere, an impulse that is only quashed by years of social conditioning. (Honestly I think that if it was socially acceptable for grown adults to carry plush toys around with them everywhere, people would be a lot happier because you just couldn’t have a bad day with a stuffed animal to hug all the time)

Toothless03  Toothless01 Toothless02

The detail of the scaley texture of his skin looks great too!
If you are a toothless fan, this is the plushie for you.
I seriously wouldn’t bother with the mini version of this plush, hold out for the big 11” one, it is FANTASTIC. ❤


2 Responses to “TOOTHLESS PLUSH”

  1. seanstartrunning August 1, 2013 at 7:36 pm #

    Awuh, he is so cute! Might consider getting one since I’ve cosplayed Hiccup, and am planning to again.

    • pixiecollections August 1, 2013 at 7:55 pm #

      I think hed go great with a hiccup Cosplay! Too bad there is no LIFESIZED TOOTHLESS though lol 😀

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