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New Funko Pops! Twilight Sparkle and She-Ra

29 Aug


As you may recall, I started off my Funko Pop! collection with Daenerys from Game of Thrones, which is a fantasticly awesome figure that just begged to have friends with it.  I knew however that I couldn’t just start collecting Pop!s all willy-nilly or else I would very quickly be drowning in a sea of the things. There are so many of them, it was just a rabbit hole I was unwilling to venture down. So, I decided on a focus for my Funko purchases, and settled on bad-ass princesses, so here we are.

SheRa03 SheRa02 SheRa01

The most obvious first companion to Danny was She-Ra, the Princess of Power!  The two of them can chill out and discuss being bad-ass royalty together.
Iv wanted a She-Ra figure for a while, but none of the She-Ras out there really speak to me much, except maybe for this one, but the original doll version is….aaahh, not really my thing. But the Funko Pop! figure looks spectacular and I am thrilled that she finally arrived. She is a really cool figure and a brilliant addition to my collection.

TwilightSparkle03 TwilightSparkle02 TwilightSparkle01

I was thrilled a couple of weeks ago to find Twilight Sparkle in the local nerd store, and scooped her up in moments. Shes utterly adorable, with her sculpted muzzle and little sitting position. I really like the Funko Pop! pony sculpts, and think they did a fine job with them.
Now, I have found with the Pop! figures that sometimes the paint job is a little sloppy, and my Twilight is the worst offender of my three Pop! figures. She does have quite a few spots where the colours are uneven, most noticeably that missing bit on the tip of her horn. So that is kind of disappointing, but Ill probably be able to fix it up a bit later.


Heres Twilight next to the regular brushable mane Twilight. As you can see the colours are much more accurate to the show on the Funko Pop! version.

Next Ill be on the lookout for Merida and Princess Bubblegum :3

Snow Queen Lottie

18 Aug

Lottie is quite possibly the sweetest thing ever.
I heard about the Lottie dolls quite a while ago, before they were available in Canada. Its a UK brand that I was extremely excited to see on shelves over here. Cant get her at the big name places like Toys R Us or Target, but I found her at a local independently run business called Loadza Toys. (When a friend of mine working there told me they had started carrying Lottie about a month ago I was so super excited!) Why is Lottie amazing? Lottie is a fashion doll that’s been built to actually look like a child rather then a weirdly sexualized adult or teen. You can read more about the concept behind her on the Lottie website and Facebook pages. I adore the concept behind Lottie, and am super stoked to add her to my collection. Iv talked before about liking a doll with minimal makeup and sexualised modern fashions, and this doll is fantastic on that front.

But now, onto the doll itself!
SnowQueenMask01 SnowQueenMask02 SnowQueenMask03

So this is Snow Queen Lottie. Other Lotties come in more practical, play outfits (which I love) but for my first one I have to admit I had been drooling over the lovely ballgown this one is sporting. Shes done up for a costume party, where she is dressed for the part of the Snow Queen of folk lore. I do love her beautiful Snow Queen dress, she looks absolutely darling. Im a sucker for “girly” looking gowns and dresses, I have to admit. But its really neat that not all Lotties are this girly, in fact, this is the fanciest and “girliest” of all the available Lottie dolls.

SnowQueen04 SnowQueen03 SnowQueen01

The mask and shawl are removable, and here you can see Lotties unbelievably sweet face. She reminds me a lot of Licca-chan and Kurhn, and I don’t think Id be wrong in assuming that that’s the aesthetic they were going for. Its a very childlike, innocent and sweet face, refreshing when compared to the pouty bratty look of a lot of other dolls out there. And no makeup! Awesome!

I wish she was a bit more posable however. Her knees are “clicky-knees” but the left knee on mine is faulty, so while the other works fine it dosnt help much. Her arms don’t pose at all, but maybe in the future they will release Lotties with a bit more articulation. One of the neat selling points though is that she can stand on her own without needing a doll stand!  As the box says,  “She can stand on her own two feet, always a useful life skill for all girls, big and small!”

Shes also QUITE small, much much smaller then I thought when I saw them online. Which I love! It makes them all the more adorable and collectable. Here she is on my shelves next to some of my other dolls for size comparisons:

SnowQueenSizeComparison SnowQueenOnShelf

All in all I love Lottie. Shes so cute and so well proportioned, I cant get enough of it! I will for sure be getting more Lotties, and I wholeheartedly recommend Lottie if you are looking for a more wholesome alternative for your kids. 🙂

Space Seed Minimates

13 Aug


Today I discovered Minimates and here I go. Like I really needed another thing to collect. (Hint: I don’t.)
I had never heard of Minimates before, but I seriously wish I had because they have a whole TON of awesome figures. I think what I really love the most about these figures is how much they remind me of Lego. Who didn’t love lego?! Ill be trying to track down a Loki Minimate later and maybe (just maybe) Ill keep this particular collection to villains to give myself a focus. But lets not get ahead of myself here! The first Minimates I bought are some of their new Star Trek figures. And wouldn’t you know it, there is a set (Captain Kirk and Khan) for my favourite episode of Star Trek ever, Space Seed.

IMG_0585 IMG_0586

Here is Captain Kirk facing off against the legendary film icon Khan. Now what is interesting here is that these are not Wrath of Khan figures, of which there are many, but these are Space Seed figures, of which there are less. Space Seed is my favourite episode because Khan is such a brilliant villain and its intriguing to me how he, a mere human, (genetically superior, but human nonetheless) manages to give Kirk more of a run for his money in this episode then a lot of the super powered cosmic entities he comes across over the course of TOS.

IMG_0589 IMG_0588

The two figures look really nice, too. They are instantly recognisable as their characters, while also rocking the awesome Lego-esque aesthetic style.
Theres a great attention to detail here, down to their outfits being completely episode accurate. They also come with three accessories: Two phasers and a communicator, which snap into their little hands perfectly. Kirks phaser can also clip onto his belt!  Seriously cool toys. The only problem I can see here is that while Kirks head moves very freely, Khans is more difficult, and attempting to move his head generally just results to getting his hair askew.


Small grievances, all in all these are great little figures and I love them! Will definitely be getting more Minimates in the future! (sigh)

Mrs Cake and Twirly Treats

6 Aug


No new dolls to talk about, but thought Id do a quick Pony post today. When I saw Mrs. Cake and Twirly Treats I knew Id have to snatch em up.
Not really because they are show accurate (Ill get to that in a moment) but because I like the colours and the way they look mostly.

IMG_0564 IMG_0563

Twirly Treats does not appear in the show at all (at least I haven’t seen her, she could be a background pony Im not aware of) but she sports my favourite colour combination, pink and green. I love her hair and her very BOLD pink coat. Her cutie mark is absolutely darling as well. Its too bad the set didn’t come with Mr. Cake, but in his absence, Twirly Treats is quite fun.

IMG_0560 IMG_0559 mrs__cake_by_shelltoontv-d3fb4a6

Now, Mrs. Cake looks nothing like she looks in the show. Wrong hair, wrong body, even the colours are slightly off. But that is hardly surprising considering they would have to create a completely unique mold to get the look of this character right, and how the heck were they gonna do that cotton candy hair??
Consider it “Mrs Cake when she was younger”, its still an adorable toy.
And they did get her eyes right which makes her stand out considerably from the rest of my pony collection.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the baking hat she came with though, so she gets displayed sans. 🙂