Mrs Cake and Twirly Treats

6 Aug


No new dolls to talk about, but thought Id do a quick Pony post today. When I saw Mrs. Cake and Twirly Treats I knew Id have to snatch em up.
Not really because they are show accurate (Ill get to that in a moment) but because I like the colours and the way they look mostly.

IMG_0564 IMG_0563

Twirly Treats does not appear in the show at all (at least I haven’t seen her, she could be a background pony Im not aware of) but she sports my favourite colour combination, pink and green. I love her hair and her very BOLD pink coat. Her cutie mark is absolutely darling as well. Its too bad the set didn’t come with Mr. Cake, but in his absence, Twirly Treats is quite fun.

IMG_0560 IMG_0559 mrs__cake_by_shelltoontv-d3fb4a6

Now, Mrs. Cake looks nothing like she looks in the show. Wrong hair, wrong body, even the colours are slightly off. But that is hardly surprising considering they would have to create a completely unique mold to get the look of this character right, and how the heck were they gonna do that cotton candy hair??
Consider it “Mrs Cake when she was younger”, its still an adorable toy.
And they did get her eyes right which makes her stand out considerably from the rest of my pony collection.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the baking hat she came with though, so she gets displayed sans. 🙂



One Response to “Mrs Cake and Twirly Treats”

  1. sofafrog August 21, 2013 at 8:50 am #

    I really want Mrs. Cake for my collection. I wish she came with another pony from the show but twirly treats looks cute enough.

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