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My First Dolly

30 Sep


I thought Id take a brief interlude from posting about new awesome stuff and talk a bit about something a bit older.
I have only recently started really delving into doll collecting, and as I gaze at my quickly growing collection of Monster Highs, Kurhns and Disney Characters, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at one of the oldest toys I own and the first doll I ever owned.
Meet Dee.
Now I don’t collect baby dolls, but Dee has been with me almost me entire life and has a lot of sentimental value to me. He is very ratty now, in extremely bad condition, but I love him anyways, because he is a piece of my childhood. I don’t know what type of doll he is, (Update: I have discovered that he is a Uneeda doll!) and Iv lost anything he ever came with.

Dee01 Dee02 Dee04
Im going to try to get him cleaned up. Ill try to either make him some clothes or track down something for him to wear, he has been naked for years now!! He also needs a good scrubbing as his plastic bits are all stained and grubby. Don’t know how Im going to get the marker off though, that might have to stay. If anyone knows of a good product for removing years old marker off of plastic dolls, please let me know! 🙂

Its also a shame that his eyelids don’t function very well and hes missing eyelashes, but hey. Its an old, very well loved toy, so Im not too worried about that. If you’ve read the Velveteen Rabbit, you know what I mean. Hes real.

Dee05 Dee06 Dee07

One of the oldest toys I own today, and very very special to me.
Id be curious what other collectors cherish from their childhoods! Whats your oldest toy that you never let go of for sentimental reasons? Is it in good condition, or did you all but destroy it with love and play? Is your current collection in the same vein, or did you go in a completely different direction as an adult?

Dee is a very special doll to me, even if hes not much to look at 🙂

Kurhn Photoshoot

24 Sep


No new dolls today, but a quick photoshoot to throw up here.
I generally just snap some nice shots on my iphone when I want to take a variety of photos of my dolls, but my husband is actually a professional photographer.
When he asked if he could take some shots of one of my dolls as a composition practise I was giddy with excitement to see what he could do with one of them as a subject.

So here without further ado are the shots he took and edited. He chose his favourite of my collection, one of the Kurhns 🙂

TravisKurhn01 TravisKurhn02 TravisKurhn03 TravisKurhn04

Tzipporah – Prince of Egypt Doll

20 Sep


So, Prince of Egypt is one of my all time favourite movies. Certainly one of the best DreamWorks pictures ever. Its an engaging and emotional telling of the classic Bible story and it all around is a fantastic film. Its animated well, the music is breathtaking, and its narrative grabs you, weather you believe its a true story or not.

So the idea came to my mind recently, I wonder if there were any toys or dolls made for this film when it came out?? Answer: YES. Yes there were. A few. Not many, but there is a doll at least of one of the most beautiful (In my opinion) women ever animated, Tzipporah. So I immediately set about finding an affordable doll (a little hard to find, don’t use ebay) and bought it.

Tzipporah02 Tzipporah03 Tzipporah04

Today, she arrived. Okay I could gush forever about how beautiful this doll is. She looks just like the character in the movie, 100% accuracy. Just look at the absolutely stunning details on that face mold! She looks incredible! She also comes with a stand! I love it when dolls come with stands as a collector because its not as common when you are dealing with dolls that were intended to be played with by a child.

She can also sit, but pretty awkwardly, and that brings us to the only real problem with this doll: Articulation. She can turn at the waist, and her arms can go up and down at the shoulders. Her knees are “clicky knees”. And that is the extent of her articulation. Her head dosnt turn, her elbows are molded into that bent position (not my favourite) and the knees only barely bend far enough for her to kind of sit.

Tzipporah05 Tzipporah06 Tzipporah07

Its extremely unfortunate when you compare her to the quality of the Disney Store dolls, which are amazingly articulated. But all in all she does look fantastic, every last detail is perfect. I especially love the shot of her profile, look at her awesome hair!!

Shes a great doll, if a little too stiff, but she looks great and I am so happy to add her to my collection 😀


12 Sep


If you haven’t seen the new internet phenomenon that is Bravest Warriors, I highly HIGHLY suggest you go do that now. Because Bravest Warriors is awesome and Catbug is the cutest thing this side of the internet.

These Catbug plushies hail from WeLoveFine and are OMG SO ADORABLE.  They sold out once already, are sold out again, and are likely to be brought back and then sold out a third time. If you want one, keep a very close eye on WeLoveFine because they don’t stay around for long!

Catbug04 Catbug05 Catbug06

Its easy to see why, too. Apart from being the most loved little critter on the internet that isn’t a Pokémon, this plush is very well made and looks fantastic. Its literally a little real life rendition of the character, completely show accurate. How can you NOT love his CUTE LITTLE SQUISHY FACE?

Also, his back opens up and you can put things in him. He’s around the size of a wallet, perfect for loose change, your debit/credit cards, keys, anything like that. I have him holding a few sets of DnD dice right now. CUTEST DICE BAG EVER.

Catbug01 Catbug02 Catbug03

Daaawwww lookit him hanging out with Toothless :3

He’s actually quite a bit smaller then I expected. Which is really my own fault, the listing says 4″x5″ right in the description, and I am just bad at picturing sizes. But he’s so tiny and adorable and I LOVE IT. This is a seriously cute plush, just perfect for all of your heart attack inducing adorableness needs. 😀

20% Ghouler – Rainbow Dash!

4 Sep


I should mention first of all, that I cannot take responsiblity (for good or ill) for the pun in the title of this post. That credit all belongs to Bins Toy Bin.
Anyhoo, I am super excited to finally get in an outfit for my Rainbow Dash that is NOT a dress.

Rainbow Dash comes in many different outfits in the Equestria Girls doll line, and every last one of them is a dress. And clearly, this just would not do, no, not at all. Rainbow is not a dress wearing sort. Im not sure why its so hard for doll manufacturers let sporty characters dress in clothes that sporty people would actually wear, because I searched long and hard for a non-dress outfit. I scoured Toys R Us and Target for any doll outfit pack with a pair of shorts and… there was nothing, anywhere.
So I eventually decided on ebaying a Monster High outfit. Specifically, the one that comes with the Ghoulia Yelps Fearleading doll.

RainbowDashSports02 RainbowDashSports01 RainbowDashSports05

Of all the Monster High characters, Ghoulia and Robecca seem to be the only ones who routinely wear pants/shorts instead of dresses and skirts. Robeccas outfits are still a bit too high fashion for Rainbow though, so Ghoulia it is! Note the lovely brainy pattern on the tank top. Rainbow looks pretty great in red (one of the dresses she came in was the same colour) and all in all I think this is just the sporty look that suits her just perfectly.

RainbowDashSports04 RainbowDashSports03

Now the shorts don’t fit 100% the way Id like them too, being a bit bulky and making Rainbow look a bit hip-ier then she actually is. Its hard to get the tank to sit right against the top of the shorts since it sticks out so much. But all in all I think the look is very nice.
I kept the rainbow armbands for that added rainbow effect. 🙂

Meanwhile, Fluttershy will be getting a kimono eventually, which I think is really going to look spectacular 😀