20% Ghouler – Rainbow Dash!

4 Sep


I should mention first of all, that I cannot take responsiblity (for good or ill) for the pun in the title of this post. That credit all belongs to Bins Toy Bin.
Anyhoo, I am super excited to finally get in an outfit for my Rainbow Dash that is NOT a dress.

Rainbow Dash comes in many different outfits in the Equestria Girls doll line, and every last one of them is a dress. And clearly, this just would not do, no, not at all. Rainbow is not a dress wearing sort. Im not sure why its so hard for doll manufacturers let sporty characters dress in clothes that sporty people would actually wear, because I searched long and hard for a non-dress outfit. I scoured Toys R Us and Target for any doll outfit pack with a pair of shorts and… there was nothing, anywhere.
So I eventually decided on ebaying a Monster High outfit. Specifically, the one that comes with the Ghoulia Yelps Fearleading doll.

RainbowDashSports02 RainbowDashSports01 RainbowDashSports05

Of all the Monster High characters, Ghoulia and Robecca seem to be the only ones who routinely wear pants/shorts instead of dresses and skirts. Robeccas outfits are still a bit too high fashion for Rainbow though, so Ghoulia it is! Note the lovely brainy pattern on the tank top. Rainbow looks pretty great in red (one of the dresses she came in was the same colour) and all in all I think this is just the sporty look that suits her just perfectly.

RainbowDashSports04 RainbowDashSports03

Now the shorts don’t fit 100% the way Id like them too, being a bit bulky and making Rainbow look a bit hip-ier then she actually is. Its hard to get the tank to sit right against the top of the shorts since it sticks out so much. But all in all I think the look is very nice.
I kept the rainbow armbands for that added rainbow effect. 🙂

Meanwhile, Fluttershy will be getting a kimono eventually, which I think is really going to look spectacular 😀


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