12 Sep


If you haven’t seen the new internet phenomenon that is Bravest Warriors, I highly HIGHLY suggest you go do that now. Because Bravest Warriors is awesome and Catbug is the cutest thing this side of the internet.

These Catbug plushies hail from WeLoveFine and are OMG SO ADORABLE.  They sold out once already, are sold out again, and are likely to be brought back and then sold out a third time. If you want one, keep a very close eye on WeLoveFine because they don’t stay around for long!

Catbug04 Catbug05 Catbug06

Its easy to see why, too. Apart from being the most loved little critter on the internet that isn’t a Pokémon, this plush is very well made and looks fantastic. Its literally a little real life rendition of the character, completely show accurate. How can you NOT love his CUTE LITTLE SQUISHY FACE?

Also, his back opens up and you can put things in him. He’s around the size of a wallet, perfect for loose change, your debit/credit cards, keys, anything like that. I have him holding a few sets of DnD dice right now. CUTEST DICE BAG EVER.

Catbug01 Catbug02 Catbug03

Daaawwww lookit him hanging out with Toothless :3

He’s actually quite a bit smaller then I expected. Which is really my own fault, the listing says 4″x5″ right in the description, and I am just bad at picturing sizes. But he’s so tiny and adorable and I LOVE IT. This is a seriously cute plush, just perfect for all of your heart attack inducing adorableness needs. 😀


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