Tzipporah – Prince of Egypt Doll

20 Sep


So, Prince of Egypt is one of my all time favourite movies. Certainly one of the best DreamWorks pictures ever. Its an engaging and emotional telling of the classic Bible story and it all around is a fantastic film. Its animated well, the music is breathtaking, and its narrative grabs you, weather you believe its a true story or not.

So the idea came to my mind recently, I wonder if there were any toys or dolls made for this film when it came out?? Answer: YES. Yes there were. A few. Not many, but there is a doll at least of one of the most beautiful (In my opinion) women ever animated, Tzipporah. So I immediately set about finding an affordable doll (a little hard to find, don’t use ebay) and bought it.

Tzipporah02 Tzipporah03 Tzipporah04

Today, she arrived. Okay I could gush forever about how beautiful this doll is. She looks just like the character in the movie, 100% accuracy. Just look at the absolutely stunning details on that face mold! She looks incredible! She also comes with a stand! I love it when dolls come with stands as a collector because its not as common when you are dealing with dolls that were intended to be played with by a child.

She can also sit, but pretty awkwardly, and that brings us to the only real problem with this doll: Articulation. She can turn at the waist, and her arms can go up and down at the shoulders. Her knees are “clicky knees”. And that is the extent of her articulation. Her head dosnt turn, her elbows are molded into that bent position (not my favourite) and the knees only barely bend far enough for her to kind of sit.

Tzipporah05 Tzipporah06 Tzipporah07

Its extremely unfortunate when you compare her to the quality of the Disney Store dolls, which are amazingly articulated. But all in all she does look fantastic, every last detail is perfect. I especially love the shot of her profile, look at her awesome hair!!

Shes a great doll, if a little too stiff, but she looks great and I am so happy to add her to my collection 😀


2 Responses to “Tzipporah – Prince of Egypt Doll”

  1. ourbabyontheway April 26, 2015 at 7:10 pm #

    My daughter is in love with the Bible story of Moses and love to watch the movie (She’s only 3 but very smart for her age). She’s asking, out of no where to get her a Tzipporah doll… I could not find anything else about it but your blog. Would you kindly tell me where did you get yours from?
    we really appreciate your help.

    • pixiecollections April 27, 2015 at 11:37 pm #

      Hi! I found her on Amazon, though it seemed I snatched her up before her prices skyrocketed, eeep! Theres also some listings on ebay, you might find better deals that way. All the best! 🙂

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