Pinkie Pie Boutique

28 Oct


As you may recall, I am collecting the Deluxe body Equestria Girls dolls, so I was very excited to hear that Rarity and Pinkie Pie where the next to be released with Deluxe bodies. Rarity I have not found in my local stores yet, but I was super hyped to find the Deluxe Pinkie Pie.

Unfortunately instead of releasing Pinkie Pie the character that we know and love from the show as a Deluxe model, they chose to make a Deluxe version of the Pinkie Pie Boutique line, which is not my favourite. I kind of get what they are going for with it, and I am actually a HUGE fan of pink and black as a colour combination. So while I think on a visual level the Pinkie Pie Boutique line LOOKS really nice, it dosnt really make sense to me on a purist level because it dosnt suit Pinkie Pies character at all.

First of all… theres actually a character in My Little Pony that is a fashion designer and runs her own boutique. Its Rarity. Wouldn’t a fashion centric series make more sense to focus on her? Pinkie Pie is a fun loving party girl. And goth… really dosnt fit Pinkies personality.
Anyways, all this is to say that I really wanted a Deluxe Pinkie Pie of, well…. Pinkie Pie, not Boutique Pinkie Pie. So I picked up both the regular Pinkie AND the Boutique Pinkie, and switched their heads and shoes. I have a dress coming for Regular Pinkie Pie, but Boutique Pinkie Pie has grown on me enough as her own thing that I don’t think Ill just abandon her either.

PinkiePieBoutique01 PinkiePieBoutique02 PinkiePieBoutique03
The more time I spent with the Boutique doll (now with the normal body instead of the Deluxe body), the more I actually really like it. I don’t really consider her “Pinkie Pie” per say, but shes kind of adorable as her own thing I think. Her hair is really glossy and flowing. Its not as curly and wild as the regular Pinkies hair, but is more “fashionable” and stylish.

Actually to be honest even as I write this post and look at the photos I grow to like the look even more.  Yes, I may need Proper Pinkie in my collection, but theres room as well for Boutique Pinkie. She comes of course with two outfits, and I really like the first one best. It pops a bit more on her, whereas the glossy one kind of just blends with her skin. I am happy to note though that the dresses both completely cover the white painted on top that the normal body comes with.

PinkiePieBoutique04 PinkiePieBoutique05 PinkiePieBoutique06

Kind of really glad I decided to buy both Pinkie Pies!
The other Pinkie is woefully naked at the moment however since the normal body only comes with a removable skirt so the outfit wasn’t transferable.
So Im currently waiting the on the dress I ordered for her, and when that arrives, I will show some pictures of how my vision for Proper Pinkie Pie turned out 😀


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