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30 Nov

Precious Moments Angel

28 Nov

I love Christmas Angels. Growing up, my mother had a collection of them that would come out every year around Christmas time, from tree toppers, to hanging ornaments, figures for display, or giant plastic light up angels for the front yard. There’s something very serene and calming about being surrounded by a bunch of beautiful and peaceful angels.

Growing up, we always had an angel on top of our tree instead of a star, and its something that I kind of decided Id like to continue doing now that I have a tree of my very own as an adult.

Angel02 Angel03

Iv had an angel on top of my tree for the last couple of years. But while I like her a lot, I always felt she was just a smidge too small for the tree. So Iv wanted to get a bigger angel. I also grew up around the Precious Moments illustrations and figures by Samuel J Butcher. Precious Moments was always a brand I really liked as a kid, with its iconic soothingly cute and peaceful style. But I haven’t had any Precious Moments items in my collection… until now.

Angel04 Angel05

When I saw this Precious Moments angel for sale at an extremely good price on Ebay, I knew that this was the angel I wanted for the top of my tree.
Shes absolutely adorable and beautiful, with an innocent childlike face that almost exudes the proclamation of “Peace on Earth, goodwill to Men”.

I was happy also, to be able to find a tree topper that was more doll-like then figure-like. Most angels have molded hair and cannot be moved or posed. This Precious Moments angel, while not nearly as articulated as a doll, can have her arms moved up or down, and her wings are malleable and able to be positioned as one desires. Non-molded hair is certainly a plus as well! She will likely grace the top of my Christmas tree for many years to come 🙂



27 Nov

On the hunt as I am every year around this time for more additions to my collection of Christmas ornaments and decorations, here are three absolutely adorable nutcracker tree ornaments I picked up today. These are just cheapie little dollar store finds, but they are super cute, and my collection was lacking in any kind of nutcrackers, so I grabbed them on a whim.

Nutcrackers03 Nutcrackers02
Just a guess, Id say these little gents are around… 3 inches tall? Give or take.
They are very photogenic! I tried to pick out three that differed enough in look to be unique from each other and I think I have a good trio.
Their mouths are even fuctional (well, they open and close… I wouldn’t try to crack a nut in them), with a lever in the back!

Nutcrackers04 Nutcrackers05

Super cute little additions to my Christmas tree 🙂

Funko POP Santa!

19 Nov


Bit of a confession here: I am a Christmas NUT.
I adore Christmas. The decorations. The lights. The music. The food. So, yes, Ill probably be posting about Santa Clauses and Angels for the next little while because OMG CHRISTMAS YES.

So I saw this utterly adorable little Funko POP Santa Clause at the store the other day and that was it. He was coming home with me.

SantaFunko02 SantaFunko04

Their Christmas series also included a Rudolph, Hermey, Bumble and a Misfit Elephant. All characters of course from the classic Christmas Special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by Rankin/Bass.

Funko POP figures are always wonderfully sculpted, though not always as wonderfully painted. There are many little spots where the colour does not stay in the lines as it were. His head also does not turn at all like most Funko POP figures heads do.
But he looks fantastic on the shelf!


9 Nov


Alrighty! Pinkie Pie PART TWO!
Been waiting for this dress to arrive so that I could do a post about non-Boutique Pinkie Pie, because she IS the reason I bought both in the first place.
To remind: Only Boutique (gothy) Pinkie Pie was released with a deluxe body, but I really wanted the normal from-the-show Pinkie Pie with a deluxe body, so I ended up buying both and swapping their heads and boots. I then purchased a new, more character accurate dress for my normal Pinkie Pie,  and voila! Here she is.

PinkiePie02 PinkiePie03 PinkiePie07

The dress is from a really great Etsy shop that I have purchased doll clothes from before. Her work is always great quality and I am thrilled with how amazing and adorable this darn dress is :3
This is exactly the kind of cute, fun, and exuberant dress that I picture Pinkie Pie wearing, and it suits her to a T. Now its made with a Monster High doll in mind, which are quite a bit taller then Equestria Girls dolls, so the dress ends up being much longer on Pinkie then it would be on a Monster High. I also wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t QUITE so high necked. But Im pretty darn pleased with how it fit all in all.

PinkiePie04 PinkiePie05 PinkiePie06

I also stuck her hair in pigtails because why the heck not. I love pigtails and if any of the Equestria Girls were going to wear pigtails, it would obviously be Pinkie Pie.
Her hair BTW is much much much curlier and wild then the Boutique Pinkie Pies. Its so frizzy Im worried to touch it too much. Its ludicrously crazy and I love it, because it is absolutely perfect for Pinkie.

So now I just have to track down a Rarity!