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Apple White and Madeline Hatter – Ever After High dolls!

28 Dec


Now that the Christmas buzz has died down a little bit I have some time to post some pictures of the dolls that I was the most excited to get.
I have been drooling for months over everyones pictures and reviews of the new Ever After High dolls. Things don’t tend to get to Canada as soon as other places, especially when the initial release isn’t for the typical big retailers like Toys R Us or Target. (Justice? Why???)

But finally, here are my first two Ever After High dolls. For Christmas from my lovely husband I received Madeline Hatter and Apple White.

Maddie03 Maddie02 Maddie01

Maddie is for sure the one I was the most pumped over. Iv loved ever photoset Iv seen of this doll and I love her character in the web series. Shes absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE. HER. HAIR. Wild, curly, colourful, whats not to love?? Shes so darling I could just eat her up. Her outfit is killer, her accessories are amazing, shes probably one of my most favourite dolls and Iv been waiting for her for so long.

One of the first things I notice about these is how stiff their joints are compared to a Monster High. They feel sturdier and more secure. They are a bit of a pain to pose but once you do get them into a pose you like, they aren’t moving!

Apple01 Apple02 Apple03

Apple is lovely as well, and even if her character is a little less likeable in the series, you cant deny her visual design is gorgeous. I love her dress and style.
Of course I would have preferred the daughter of Snow White to have black hair instead of blond, but shes still very pretty. I really love the Apple theme and her hair is styled really nicely. I like how its all gathered to one side in soft ringlets.

The only trouble with her is that that strapless dress dosnt like to stay up! Iv had this trouble before with dolls in strapless dresses. Be careful putting her on the stand, because it likes to drag the dress down and — OOPS! Bit of a wardrobe malfunction 🙂


I am absolutely in LOVE with the Ever After High dolls. The dolls themselves seem to be higher quality then the Monster High dolls, which is saying a lot because the Monster High dolls are pretty darn good quality. These feel sturdier and stronger, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Medieval Lolita look to their outfits.

The next ones I absolutely need are Raven Queen and Cerise Hood. But who am I kidding. Ill probably get them all.


Christmas Nativity

25 Dec


Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas full of all sorts of great food, presents and loving family.

Theres (of course) some awesome stuff that found its way under my tree that will be going up here (Iv waited a long time for my first Ever After High dolls!), but for today I wanted to post about a really really nice Nativity set of figures that Iv had for a long time. Its a beautiful set, and I also wanted to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas rather then EPIC LOOT.

Nativity02 Nativity03
This set my mother had throughout my childhood and it has now been passed onto me for my own collection.
The figures are absolutely beautiful, all porcelain and incredibly detailed. Probably some of the quality items I have as even as a kid I always adored the beautiful attention to detail on these.

Even if the characters are all laughably pale (really??), its still a beautiful item to my collection

Merry Christmas everyone, have a great on 🙂


Rudolph the Red Reindeer!

19 Dec


A little while ago I picked up the Santa Funko POP! figure and I realised that I absolutely needed Rudolph to go with him.
Funko POP! is a series of figures that are every bit as addictive as they are adorable and you reach a certain point where you just cant help yourself — especially when it comes to sets. I have Santa, so of course I need Rudolph!

Rudolph02 Rudolph03

Unlike the Santa figure, Rudolphs head can turn all the way around.
Hes absolutely adorable and he looks really great next to Santa as well.
I don’t think that I need the rest in this particular series…. but who knows… theres an elf out there…


Catbug’s Big Ol’ Beer!

16 Dec


So I got a big goofy and made this image with my Catbug plush because Catbug is THE. SHIT.
I didn’t have enough beer to FILL that massive beer mug unfortunately, and Im ashamed that I took too long finding the camera and the head is almost gone. HOWEVER. This is Catbug and his Big Ol’ Beer 😀


Kimono Fluttershy!

10 Dec


Lets talk for a moment about the Equestria Girls dolls.
Hasbro recently launched this line of dolls as a way to compete with one of the most popular dolls on the market, Monster High. So they took their My Little Pony franchise and anthropomorphized it and voila! We have Equestria Girls. This is old news, but I wanted to compare a bit since I have some dolls from both franchises and I have to say, hands down, Monster High wins. Not just because the MH dolls are higher quality, I expected that, but because the MH dolls are wonderfully well themed, all with outfits that uniquely reflect each characters schtick and personality. Hasbro got a bit lazy, I feel, in designing outfits for the Equestria Girls that actually suit their personalities as shown on the series.

So I redress all of my EQG dolls. And Iv been VERY excited for a while now for this Kimono a friend of mine made for me for my Fluttershy.

FluttershyKimono01 FluttershyKimono03

Rainbow Dash was easy, just had to find a tank top and shorts set. Pinkie Pie needed a Sweet Lolita dress, and Twilight Sparkle will be put in a Schoolgirl Uniform. Of course.

Fluttershy though I had a few different ideas. I thought she might look good in a medieval gown (she would), but in the end I settled on a butterfly Kimono. Why? Because the flowy femininity of it suits her perfectly. Also apparently Japanese fans LOVE Fluttershy to bits and have decided that Fluttershy is “honorary Japanese” because her personality is more or less the Japanese idea of the perfect woman (adorable, sweet, and meek?). I like the idea of incorporating some fan-canon into my dolls outfits, so I settled on a Kimono.

FluttershyKimono04 FluttershyKimono05

So I picked up the pattern for the Kimono from DGRequiem on Etsy and send it to a friend of mine who knows how to sew.
It did end up a bit too big for Fluttershy, but the pattern was intended for a Monster High doll, so that was expected.

Seriously, how can you not love a Fluttershy in a butterfly pattern Kimono? 😀
Best. Fluttershy. Outfit. EVER.