Kimono Fluttershy!

10 Dec


Lets talk for a moment about the Equestria Girls dolls.
Hasbro recently launched this line of dolls as a way to compete with one of the most popular dolls on the market, Monster High. So they took their My Little Pony franchise and anthropomorphized it and voila! We have Equestria Girls. This is old news, but I wanted to compare a bit since I have some dolls from both franchises and I have to say, hands down, Monster High wins. Not just because the MH dolls are higher quality, I expected that, but because the MH dolls are wonderfully well themed, all with outfits that uniquely reflect each characters schtick and personality. Hasbro got a bit lazy, I feel, in designing outfits for the Equestria Girls that actually suit their personalities as shown on the series.

So I redress all of my EQG dolls. And Iv been VERY excited for a while now for this Kimono a friend of mine made for me for my Fluttershy.

FluttershyKimono01 FluttershyKimono03

Rainbow Dash was easy, just had to find a tank top and shorts set. Pinkie Pie needed a Sweet Lolita dress, and Twilight Sparkle will be put in a Schoolgirl Uniform. Of course.

Fluttershy though I had a few different ideas. I thought she might look good in a medieval gown (she would), but in the end I settled on a butterfly Kimono. Why? Because the flowy femininity of it suits her perfectly. Also apparently Japanese fans LOVE Fluttershy to bits and have decided that Fluttershy is “honorary Japanese” because her personality is more or less the Japanese idea of the perfect woman (adorable, sweet, and meek?). I like the idea of incorporating some fan-canon into my dolls outfits, so I settled on a Kimono.

FluttershyKimono04 FluttershyKimono05

So I picked up the pattern for the Kimono from DGRequiem on Etsy and send it to a friend of mine who knows how to sew.
It did end up a bit too big for Fluttershy, but the pattern was intended for a Monster High doll, so that was expected.

Seriously, how can you not love a Fluttershy in a butterfly pattern Kimono? 😀
Best. Fluttershy. Outfit. EVER.



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