16 Jan


As I am collecting the My Little Pony: Equestria Girl Deluxe version dolls, I was super stoked when I heard that one of the next Deluxe version characters to be released would be none other then Rarity! She is one of my top favourite characters on the show, and out of all of them, she strikes me as the one most suited to a fashion doll.
So a few days ago I picked her up, and was very happy to have done so as Iv been waiting for her for a while now.
The dress that I have her in is a dress from the La Dee Da doll line. Even though I actually quite like the two outfits she came in, I think that this colour suits her better. It does after all match her cutie mark perfectly!

Rarity02 Rarity03

The dress is the La Dee Da “Design to Shine” fashion pack, minus the green boa that comes with.
The slimming cocktail gown is absolutely perfect for the character and fits her to a T.
I also put her hair in an up-do (which took me many tries with many horribly failed attempts), because it seemed like it fit well with the outfit. Rarity is a classy gal, after all.

RarityPurpleDress02 RarityPurpleDress01

This is he dress the doll comes in in the box. Its quite a nice dress actually, and I like it on her quite a bit, I just always pictured Rarity in a slim and sleek cocktail dress. But, of course, she rocks both. But the purple is another great colour on her, matching her hair wonderfully.

RarityPinkDress02 RarityPinkDress01

And then we have the alternate outfit the doll came with. Which I appreciate that someone else also thought a tight-fit gown would be great for Rarity, I think this colour is pretty icky on her. Not a huge fan of the weird poof thing on her hip, either.

Altogether though shes great, and really, if any doll deserves to have a diverse wardrobe, its Rarity.
Here she is on the shelf 🙂



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