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Raven Queen

19 Feb


Newest Ever After High doll to be added to my collection is none other then Raven Queen!
And honestly, while I always thought Maddie was going to be my favourite EAH doll, Raven’s gothic elegance has totally won that spot. I think shes the most gorgeous of the three I have actually. Her dark beauty has thoroughly bewitched me. :3

RavenQueen02 RavenQueen03 RavenQueen04
One of the reasons that I adore these EAH dolls is the absolutely gorgeous medieval fantasy outfits. Monster High is fine, but its all modern fashion which I find kind of boring. EAH’s appeal is all in the lacy old fashioned gowns that look like the walked right out of a fairy tale. Swoon!
Ravens get up is no exception and she looks exquisite. Everything you could want from a gothic evil villainess (made even awesomer by the fact that, if you’ve seen the webisodes, you know shes not actually evil at all!)

RavenQueen05 RavenQueen06 RavenQueen07
Shes also got amazingly styled hair which impressed me a lot more then either Apple or Maddie. The shape the hair takes is perfect, and looks like she walzed right out of the cartoon!

In general Im also finding these dolls to be better quality then the Monster Highs, particularly in the nice stiff joints and all around sturdiness of the dolls. They seem to be built for collecting and displaying!

Ill be keeping my eyes out for Cedar Wood next! 😀

Pony Palooza!

16 Feb

I have been a little remis in my posting of late, as life has sort of caught up with me. Iv bought a few nifty things over the last little bit but havent posted about any of them! For shame. 😦

So this post is a quick look at all the new PONIES I have, and I have been steadily adding more then a few to my collection this month.

Chrysalis01 Chrysalis02 Chrysalis03
First up, I picked up the Favourites Collection 02. Im late in getting it. Its been out for a long while, but Id been waiting for it to go on sale because I only needed two ponies from the set, which included three I already have and two others I didnt care about. One of the ponies I really wanted from the set though was the Season 02 villainess Queen Chrysalis.

Golly shes a gorgeously evil design. While the toys dont always do the cartoon characters complete justice, she looks darn good and looks excellent next to my Nightmare Moon!

Derpy01 Derpy02 Derpy03

Annnnd the piece de resistance from the second Favourites Set, DERPY!
Getting a brushable Derpy toy into my collection is pretty darn special. I missed getting the Comic Con fashion sized Derpy, and arent really a huge fan of the Funko vinyl toys. I never thought theyd release a Derpy toy in this format, but they did!
Now all I need is a Derpy Equestria Girl doll and my life will be complete.

Flutterplush01 Flutterplush02 Flutterplush03

TY started releasing these ADORABLE little MLP plushies a while back, and Fluttershy was finally added to the roster so I had to snatch her up.
I have a few of the Funrise plushes, but TY is defonatly my favourite MLP Plush series to come out so far, so I grabbed Fluttershy as soon as I saw her.
Shes so cute and squishable!

Wysteria01 Wysteria02 Wysteria03

And lastely,  the beautiful and lovely Wysteria!
They have not released many glittery brushables yet, but I hope they continue. This is possibly the most gorgeous pony in my collection. Look at her! It took a while of hunting for her too, and I wasnt sure Id ever locate her. Shes apparently a bit of a hard to find item, so I was over the moon when I located her.

Next post: Raven Queen!
Its taking me all of my willpower not to splurge on all the dolls showing up in my stores right now, but I was good and settled on just Raven for now.