10 Mar

Next up on my recent additons: A brand new Monster High that I have had my eyes on since her photos started floating around the Internet.
Her and Jane Boolittle were the two new ones Iv been really excited about, and although my stores have yet to get Jane Boolittle in, I did manag to obtain Elissabat.

Im a huge fan of vampires, and I have a Draculaura already (and indeed there are some other Draculauras I would like to add to my collection). But Elissabat has a certain suave sofistication that Draculaura lacks.

Elissabat06 Elissabat03 Elissabat04

The beautiful dress does a lot, its quasi medieval gothic look is captivating. The simplicity of the design intregues and draws me in. Her hair is immaculatly styled and she just embodies the sleek elegance of “less is more”

Her appeal to me is very similar to that of Raven Queen. Black and purple looks fantastic and her gothic vibe is mysterious and elegant all at once.
Am I saying elegant a lot? Im sorry, she just, WOW.

Elissabat02   Elissabat07 Elissabat05

Shes also crazy photogenic too. She just looks friggen GOOD and I cant get over it. What a delightfully, darkly beautiful vampire lady. :3
Now I just need to track down a Jane Boolittle already!


3 Responses to “Elissabat”

  1. Cobrasaur May 2, 2014 at 5:11 am #

    Very nice, is her altered dress available as a separate product, or did you alter it yourself? I like the look and am hoping to find a separate dress like it for my Elissabat. (I suck at altering small fiddly dolls clothing)

    • pixiecollections May 2, 2014 at 5:48 am #

      Hi! I actually didn’t alter it at all! I just removed the jacket/sweater she’s was wearing, which is a separate piece, and this is what the dress by itself looks like.

      • Cobrasaur May 2, 2014 at 7:33 am #

        Oh, it is to! I hadn’t even tried removing it. (I only bought her yesterday) – The shirt/blouse part really blends in well with the corset piece, looks/moves as if its all one piece. :p

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