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Elsa! Disney’s Frozen

18 Oct

After a very long and drawn out battle with UPS who lost my package, I have finally received my Disney Store order! This is the Disney Store exclusive Elsa doll, which as usual is worlds better and more movie accurate than Mattels version of the character.

I am SO EXCITED for Frozen, you have no idea. The new trailer looks amazing and I cannot wait for this to hit theaters next month. Im even more excited because of all the controversy buzzing about it, because I love me some good controversy. If you aren’t aware, people are angry that the characters are white, that the characters are blond (kind of? Their original hair colour has been changed by ice magic, but okay), that the characters look similar to the Tangled movie (because Disneys never done that before) and that the story, which is said to be based on The Snow Queen, has nothing to do with the Snow Queen at all¬†except that it… has a Snow Queen in it.

Oh yes, discussing this movie will be fun.
Anyways, I absolutely love Elsas character design. So I ordered the Elsa doll and here she is!

Elsa02 Elsa03

Shes completely regal looking, and very icey. Her dress is gorgeous, all glittery and translucent. My only real issue with the dress is how stiff the fabric is… it dosnt flow very well, and this is kind of my reason for not getting the Anna doll as well. Her dress looked way too stiff and rigid. Elsas is better, but its still not nearly as full as I would like it to be and does not look nearly as good as Meridas dress for example.
That said, its still a great outfit and I really love that its elegant without being absurdly provocative. Elsas a classy lady ūüėČ

Elsa04 Elsa05

No stand, so I have to display her sitting, which is not really how Id like to display her since Disney Store dolls sit really awkwardly with their legs splaying out. But Ill probably get a stand for her eventually.

Whats probably the best thing about this doll for me is the awesome hairstyle. Its wonderfully to look just like the movie, and its a very unique style that you wouldn’t probably see anywhere else. The product in the hair holds it in place and you can really get the feel that her hair has been frozen by ice magic.
The other thing is her pale pale skin tone. Shes exceptionally pale. with almost a purple hue, and it is very eerie looking. You can really buy that this character has been overtaken by ice magics and it looks fantastic.

All in all I really love this Elsa doll, and will probably get Anna too sometime down the line.


Talking Sofia the First

22 Jul


The Mattel Sofia the First: Talking Sofia and Animal Friends has hit shelves! I was actually really pleasantly surprised to see it here so soon since here in Canada we usually get things quite a bit late. Found her at Target, and I have seen people online saying that they have found this one at Walmart as well.

I was really excited about this doll, as it is the only Sofia toy that really really looks like the character from the cartoon series. Interestingly, the Disney Store Exclusive in this case is NOT a great looking doll (even if it is more articulated) and Mattel wins out this round, which is usually the other way around.

Sofia06 Sofia01  Sofia04

She looks absolutely GORGEOUS. She comes with three animal friends, Clover the Bunny, Robin the Robin, and Mia the Bluebird. Its actually a pretty darn cool toy because if you raise the animals up to her, they talk to her and Sofia talks back. Pretty neat! If I was a kid and going to be playing with this doll, I would be pretty thrilled. It works really well too, so I can see kids being really into this toy. For me though of course, shes going to be on the shelf, not really being played with, so the electronic features are a tad extraneous, making the price tag on this doll a bit much.

Sofia02 Sofia05 Sofia07

Her hair was also really messy right out of the box, but she dosnt come with a brush. I used a brush from another toy to fix it a bit, but its not perfect. I even tried to pick the Sofia whose hair looked the least mussed, so your millage may vary on her hair.

Her gown is absolutely lovely though and is 100% spot on and show accurate. On the whole I think this doll looks fantastic, and for a display piece is a great buy (if a bit expensive).

Two New Dolls (Lagoona and Merida)

21 Jun

Over the last week Iv procured two new dolls for my collection. One is my second Monster High and the other is a Disney doll that I ordered online a while back.
Lets take a look at the MH doll first!

This is Lagoona. It was always my plan to get a Lagoona next after Draculaura. Being that I am a huge fan of sea life and mermaid type fantasy peoples, I am absolutely smitten with Lagoona. Actually if anything, I think she could stand to be a bit more fishy. I love her webbed fingers, but I do wish that her webbed ears were bigger and stuck out more.


I plan on eventually getting the MH “Create your own monster” siren tail and turning her into a mermaid. To everyone who has said that Monster High shouldn’t have mermaids because mermaids are not monsters, I say that you have clearly not read much about traditional mermaid lore. For that matter, Monster High should really include a faerie at some point.

Lagoona01 Lagoona02

As you can see she photographs incredibly nicely. I love her colours and her eerie blue-green skin.
I think she looks a lot creepier and a lot more feral then Draculaura does. Her hair was also a lot nicer.
And here she is on my shelf!

Lagoona04 Lagoona05

Next up, Merida!
I absolutely love the Disney/Pixar film Brave. I thought it was absolutely fantastic, and Merida is one of my favourite heroines, so when I saw Merida dolls at Toys R Us I was interested. I held off though because Mattels Merida dolls look…. terrible. I couldn’t justify spending money on a doll that would ultimately disappoint me because it didn’t look a thing like the character it was representing.

Merida04 Merida03

This, however, is the Disney Store exclusive Merida and it, OH MY WORD ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE MERIDA.
Despite all the recent controversy around Meridas new Disney “redesign“, the Disney Store Merida doll is actually¬†accurate, featuring her in her proper dress (and not some fashionista reinvisioning of it like Mattels dolls)¬†and with her bow and arrow.

Merida02 Merida01

Shes also way better quality then I ever imagined she would be! Shes got 13 joints, including elbows, knees, wrists and ankles. Its also worth noting that her feet do NOT come molded for high heels, and she instead wears flats. This is completely in keeping with her character, heels would certainly not have been.
Unfortunately for me, my dolls left leg is a bit faulty and doesn’t allow her to sit, and since she doesn’t come with a stand, it makes it incredibly difficult to position her on my shelf.

Merida06 Merida05

Next to the Monster High dolls shes a bit taller at 11”. Next to her, Lagoona looks quite a bit younger!


Ill be getting my first Kurhn in a couple of days as well, so excited to get that one in!