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“Plastics” Photo

8 Jun

 Today I bring you another photo from my lovely husband Travis.
He is doing a wonderful photography project, photographing various “Nerdy Things”, and this particular photo featured some of my dolls! He seems to very much like the Kurhns. Last time he wanted to photograph inanimate plastic humans, he also picked a Kurhn as well.
Elsa makes an appearance as well there in the background though!
I thought the photo came out lovely, so I thought I would share it.

More of his photography work is found here, and he also has a blog.


Kurhn Photoshoot

24 Sep


No new dolls today, but a quick photoshoot to throw up here.
I generally just snap some nice shots on my iphone when I want to take a variety of photos of my dolls, but my husband is actually a professional photographer.
When he asked if he could take some shots of one of my dolls as a composition practise I was giddy with excitement to see what he could do with one of them as a subject.

So here without further ado are the shots he took and edited. He chose his favourite of my collection, one of the Kurhns 🙂

TravisKurhn01 TravisKurhn02 TravisKurhn03 TravisKurhn04

Glamorous Kurhn Candlelight Diner

15 Jul

Another Kurhn!
After how much I utterly adored the last Kurhn I bought, I soon ordered another one of the ones I had had my eye on.  This one is Glamorous Kurhn Candlelight Diner. She arrived much faster then the last one did! I wasn’t expecting her to show up for another couple of weeks, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see her this morning!

CandlelightDress01 CandlelightDress03

As you can see she has much bigger, fancier hair then Orchids Girl. Huge ponytail and one of the few blond Kurhns. Shes done up for a diner date, but once again I’ll note how very little makeup shes actually wearing compaired to North American doll lines. Its probably one of the biggest draw to me about Kurhn.
One thing that Im not as happy about on this doll is the problem that every woman whos ever donned a strapless gown can attest to: Its hard to keep a strapless dress up.
The dress is not tight enough to the doll to stay up, so while handling her her boobs are constantly slipping out! Oops!
This isn’t too huge a problem as a collector since shes going to be sitting on my shelf most of the time, but it could get pretty frustrating if I was doing much else with her.

CandlelightDress05 CandlelightDress04

Regardless its a very pretty gown with lots of ruffles (I love ruffles!) and a great formal party vibe. Its classy as all heck and looks fantastic on her.
Her eyes are also much more detailed then Orchids as well! I just love the anime look of the Kurhn dolls, they really remind me of the Studio Ghibli aesthetic.

CandlelightDress07 CandlelightDress06

As before, posable to an extent. Shes jointed at the elbows and knees but not the wrists or ankles, so shes more posable then a lot of dolls, but less then a Monster High.
CandlelightKimono03 CandlelightKimono02 CandlelightKimono01

Once again she came with a freebie kimono, and this suits the doll a lot more then the one that was included with Orchids did!
These kimonos are a bit stiff so they don’t hang very nicely on the dolls but they are very sparkly and pretty, and they came as an extra so one cant complain too much!
I think she looks absolutely darling in pink :3

Very happy again, and am even more convinced that Kurhn is the way to go for my collection. Kurhns are just so super sweet and innocent looking and I really appreciate that over the bratty attitude look of most North American dolls.
And here she is once more, on display on my shelf!


Orchids Girl Kurhn

22 Jun

So Iv been wanting a Kurhn for a while, and I finally made the plunge a couple of weeks ago and ordered this lovely lady online. I waffled between a bunch of different Kurhns but in the end I went with the Orchids Girl because she is one of the fully jointed ones at a reasonable price. And after getting her I am definitely certain that I want more of these. I may just focus my collection pretty heavily on Kurhn because she is absolutely beautiful.

OrchidDress02 OrchidDress03 OrchidDress04

She has a very classy look to her and her hair is absolutely wonderfully well styled. My only real issue is that the bow is unremovable, unless I wanted to remove it permanently.
It isn’t a huge deal because I do love the dress she comes in, all floofy and classic, so Im not really planning on changing her outfit much, but if I did want to I would have to be careful what clothes I picked to make sure they go with the bow.

OrchidJacket01 OrchidJacket02 OrchidJacket04

I really love her outfit with or without her jacket and am having a hard time deciding which way to display her! She looks so sweet and innocent in this.
Im also a huge fan of how she isn’t sporting extremely heavy makeup, unlike most North American doll lines. Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with Monster High and La Dee Da, but I do wish that they didn’t feature such ridiculously glitzy makeup. Orchids has sort of a soft, basic amount of makeup more in keeping with what you would normally wear on a typical day.

The seller on ebay also sent her with a freebie extra outfit, a red/pink kimono:

OrchidKimono01 OrchidKimono02 OrchidKimono03

It was super nice of the seller to send a little extra with the doll! It looks great on her, the only downside as I said is that it really dosn’t go well with the bow.
I will definitely be getting more of these, likely from the same seller again since she was very helpful, checking on the package for me when the tracking number wasn’t updating, and going the extra mile with a freebie!

On last shot, here she is on my shelf!