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Jane Boolittle

5 Jun


So I’ve actually had Ms. Boolittle for a while now, and just been too lazy to get off my butt and make a blog entry about her! But it’s high time I did because she is absolutly LOVELY!

I’ve been in love with her design since I first laid eyes on her online. Shes a monster of unknown species… her backstory has her being discovered in the jungle as a baby by a researcher named Dr. Boolittle (clearly a referance to one Dr. Doolittle)

JaneBoolittle02 JaneBoolittle03 JaneBoolittle04

Shes got the most delightful purple skin, which I think is absolutly fetshing. (I especially love how it stands out against yellow, oh my)
Her whole outfit is jungle themed and I just adore it. The mis-matched feather earrings and sandals are excellent (with the bigger sandal on the left foot and the bigger earring on the right ear, some of my favourite kind of balance asymetry)
It may be simple little details, but its the simple details on this doll that really stand out.

JaneBoolittle07 JaneBoolittle05   JaneBoolittle06

Details like the cute little blue tattoos under her eyes, or the fact that the shape of her lips is absolutly beautiful and totally unique.  She even has accessories that I enjoy, unusual for me. I love her staff and ADORE her little sloth friend who can ride on her back as a backpack.

Jane is absolutly awsome! And Im so glad I picked her up 🙂



10 Mar

Next up on my recent additons: A brand new Monster High that I have had my eyes on since her photos started floating around the Internet.
Her and Jane Boolittle were the two new ones Iv been really excited about, and although my stores have yet to get Jane Boolittle in, I did manag to obtain Elissabat.

Im a huge fan of vampires, and I have a Draculaura already (and indeed there are some other Draculauras I would like to add to my collection). But Elissabat has a certain suave sofistication that Draculaura lacks.

Elissabat06 Elissabat03 Elissabat04

The beautiful dress does a lot, its quasi medieval gothic look is captivating. The simplicity of the design intregues and draws me in. Her hair is immaculatly styled and she just embodies the sleek elegance of “less is more”

Her appeal to me is very similar to that of Raven Queen. Black and purple looks fantastic and her gothic vibe is mysterious and elegant all at once.
Am I saying elegant a lot? Im sorry, she just, WOW.

Elissabat02   Elissabat07 Elissabat05

Shes also crazy photogenic too. She just looks friggen GOOD and I cant get over it. What a delightfully, darkly beautiful vampire lady. :3
Now I just need to track down a Jane Boolittle already!

Catty Noir

10 Oct


Its time for another Monster High doll!
Id seen a bunch of reviews of her online and was kind of enchanted by her so I thought Id track her down. She came and went pretty quickly from my local Toys R Us so I didn’t get a chance to snatch her off the shelf, but was very pleased to find her offered on Amazon with free shipping, so here we go.

CattyNoir02 CattyNoir03 CattyNoir04

Pink and black is one of my absolute favourite colour combinations, so I was instantly taken with her appearance. Shes also a kitty cat, which I absolutely love. I LOVE anthro dolls, they have a lot of appeal to me, and they look great!
Shes absolutely stunning with her big hot pink hair and Im a huge fan of her massive pony tail. I do wish that the hair wasn’t so messy though, its a tad matted and brushing it dosnt really help. Im sort of afraid to touch it too much lest I make it worse, but it is very pretty.

CattyNoir05 CattyNoir06 CattyNoir07

Probably the only reason I waffled on this purchase at all (and as a result, missed getting her in store) is because Im not really sold on her dress. I like the huge pink ruffles, but Im not a huge fan of the broken glass pattern on the top. It looks a bit like spiderwebs to me and I don’t really think it fits. But she IS meant to be a music idol, so we can let a crazy outfit slide. I think it would be really fun to dress her up in a tiny Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj replica outfit!


Here she is on the shelf! Brings my total of Monster High dolls to four.
Theres clearly some space for more 🙂

Skelita! Día de Muertos

29 Jul


Today I purchased a Monster High doll that I have been wanting for a while! I saw this one online and knew that it was one I wanted to add to my collection. This is possibly THE coolest MH doll out there. Its apparently a little on the hard to find side, so I was pretty happy to see it on shelves at my local Target.

SkelitaDress03 SkelitaDress02

Her design is very Day of the Dead and looks absolutely FANTASTIC. I absolutely LOVE the stylized theatrical makeup instead of the glitzy glam makeup these girls usually wear. Its a very different look then the other MH dolls and I adore it. Her look is way less teenage fashionista and more monster, which is great. Iv always liked the IDEA of the MH dolls, but tend to find that most of them are a bit too fashion focused for me and not enough monster focused, but this one is amazing on that front.
Of course what makes all of it come together is the body on this doll.

Skelita04 Skelita03 Skelita02

LOOK AT THIS. She has a FULLY SCULPTED skeleton body. And it is GORGEOUS.
I cant think of many other MH dolls have have as unique a sculpt as Skelita. This is why I really wanted this one, because its the perfect marriage of creepy and beautiful.

SkelitaBody02 SkelitaBody01

Just look at the detail! Its incredible! Now, her anatomy is a little weird. She still has breasts and a bum molded into her bones which is a little weird, though understandable. I think its mostly to make sure her clothes hang normally on her frame, and I don’t mind it. The only other issue is that shes not nearly as poseable as the other MH dolls. Her knees don’t bend well, her head is hard to turn, and her arms are very stiff. But honestly, I don’t mind the limited articulation if it means such gloriously beautiful detail on the mold. 100% my favourite Monster High.


Two New Dolls (Lagoona and Merida)

21 Jun

Over the last week Iv procured two new dolls for my collection. One is my second Monster High and the other is a Disney doll that I ordered online a while back.
Lets take a look at the MH doll first!

This is Lagoona. It was always my plan to get a Lagoona next after Draculaura. Being that I am a huge fan of sea life and mermaid type fantasy peoples, I am absolutely smitten with Lagoona. Actually if anything, I think she could stand to be a bit more fishy. I love her webbed fingers, but I do wish that her webbed ears were bigger and stuck out more.


I plan on eventually getting the MH “Create your own monster” siren tail and turning her into a mermaid. To everyone who has said that Monster High shouldn’t have mermaids because mermaids are not monsters, I say that you have clearly not read much about traditional mermaid lore. For that matter, Monster High should really include a faerie at some point.

Lagoona01 Lagoona02

As you can see she photographs incredibly nicely. I love her colours and her eerie blue-green skin.
I think she looks a lot creepier and a lot more feral then Draculaura does. Her hair was also a lot nicer.
And here she is on my shelf!

Lagoona04 Lagoona05

Next up, Merida!
I absolutely love the Disney/Pixar film Brave. I thought it was absolutely fantastic, and Merida is one of my favourite heroines, so when I saw Merida dolls at Toys R Us I was interested. I held off though because Mattels Merida dolls look…. terrible. I couldn’t justify spending money on a doll that would ultimately disappoint me because it didn’t look a thing like the character it was representing.

Merida04 Merida03

This, however, is the Disney Store exclusive Merida and it, OH MY WORD ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE MERIDA.
Despite all the recent controversy around Meridas new Disney “redesign“, the Disney Store Merida doll is actually accurate, featuring her in her proper dress (and not some fashionista reinvisioning of it like Mattels dolls) and with her bow and arrow.

Merida02 Merida01

Shes also way better quality then I ever imagined she would be! Shes got 13 joints, including elbows, knees, wrists and ankles. Its also worth noting that her feet do NOT come molded for high heels, and she instead wears flats. This is completely in keeping with her character, heels would certainly not have been.
Unfortunately for me, my dolls left leg is a bit faulty and doesn’t allow her to sit, and since she doesn’t come with a stand, it makes it incredibly difficult to position her on my shelf.

Merida06 Merida05

Next to the Monster High dolls shes a bit taller at 11”. Next to her, Lagoona looks quite a bit younger!


Ill be getting my first Kurhn in a couple of days as well, so excited to get that one in!

My First Monster High

12 May

I have really loved the look of the Monster High dolls from the first moment I set eyes on them.
But the show is so spectacularly bad that I never allowed myself to buy one. Which is really unfair of me, I mean, I collect the mini Lalaloopsies even though the Lalaloopsy show is awful.

Anyways, because Iv gotton a bit more obsessed with dolls lately, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a Monster High. Which is a hard endeavor since all of them look fantastic and every  single design is to die for. It took me weeks to make my decision, but in the end I decided on this lovely Draculaura with the gorgeous bat wings.
Ill play with her hair some over the next little while.  I really do love Lagoona as well and I think Ill get one of her next.

Heres a few more pics of Draculaura on my shelf!
Draculaura02 Draculaura03