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Allie Lectric

4 May

So today was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and I got some really sweet looking comics.
I haven’t had a chance to sit down and read through them yet, so Im going to make a FCBD post showing off my new goodies sometime tomorrow when I can talk a bit about their content and not just the lovely cover art!

In the meantime however I wanted to talk about DOLLS. I did go to Toys R Us today while I was out and about (Hit them right after the comic book shop) and I got Allie Lectric, my first Novi Stars doll.

I was debating about getting a Monster High doll (and I think I will next time, Draculaura most likely) or a Novi Stars, both doll lines that are gorgeously designed and that I have been reading about online a lot. Novi Stars won out because Allie was on sale. Allie is amazingly adorable, and happens to sport my favorite colour combination, green and pink. I love her cute little elf-like ears!
The idea of a fashion doll line of aliens is awesome to me.  (Much like the idea of a fashion doll line of monsters!)


Iv been looking online of course at BJDs an awful LOT and have been seriously toying with the prospect of ordering a Pullip or a J-Doll. Both pretty cheap lines for BJDs, so something that might be affordable for me to sink my teeth into. I swear someday Ill be able to afford something from Dream of Doll!