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Space Seed Minimates

13 Aug


Today I discovered Minimates and here I go. Like I really needed another thing to collect. (Hint: I don’t.)
I had never heard of Minimates before, but I seriously wish I had because they have a whole TON of awesome figures. I think what I really love the most about these figures is how much they remind me of Lego. Who didn’t love lego?! Ill be trying to track down a Loki Minimate later and maybe (just maybe) Ill keep this particular collection to villains to give myself a focus. But lets not get ahead of myself here! The first Minimates I bought are some of their new Star Trek figures. And wouldn’t you know it, there is a set (Captain Kirk and Khan) for my favourite episode of Star Trek ever, Space Seed.

IMG_0585 IMG_0586

Here is Captain Kirk facing off against the legendary film icon Khan. Now what is interesting here is that these are not Wrath of Khan figures, of which there are many, but these are Space Seed figures, of which there are less. Space Seed is my favourite episode because Khan is such a brilliant villain and its intriguing to me how he, a mere human, (genetically superior, but human nonetheless) manages to give Kirk more of a run for his money in this episode then a lot of the super powered cosmic entities he comes across over the course of TOS.

IMG_0589 IMG_0588

The two figures look really nice, too. They are instantly recognisable as their characters, while also rocking the awesome Lego-esque aesthetic style.
Theres a great attention to detail here, down to their outfits being completely episode accurate. They also come with three accessories: Two phasers and a communicator, which snap into their little hands perfectly. Kirks phaser can also clip onto his belt!  Seriously cool toys. The only problem I can see here is that while Kirks head moves very freely, Khans is more difficult, and attempting to move his head generally just results to getting his hair askew.


Small grievances, all in all these are great little figures and I love them! Will definitely be getting more Minimates in the future! (sigh)