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Rose Hair Dye

2 May

Well Iv been mucking around with my La Dee Da’s hair.
I took it down from the pigtails and tried to dye it all pink instead of the bleached blond it came as.
The dye job turned out kinda okay. It didn’t take as much as Id like and there is still a lot of blond in her hair, but I did manage to do it without ruining her hair or getting any dye on her “skin”.
But my biggest issue is the hair itself, I don’t like crimped hair and would prefer some nicer curls or ringlets. I would attempt to style it but the hair itself isn’t full enough and she would end up with bald patches so I have ordered a wig for her! End all this hair headache 😛
Iv also ordered her a nice handmade dress (Monster High clothes and La Dee Da clothes will fit each other as my research has lead me to discover.)

I have decided to name her Rose since shes going to end up being very pink 😀
(Now if I can only find someone who will do doll piercing and tattooing!)

And just in case you thought all of my collections were of the SUPER GIRLY kind, I have recently taken to collecting the Kinder Egg hotwheels toys.
This has become my daily gamble. Buy a Kinder Egg, hope for a car.
I like the thrill of the mystery. Its cheaper than lotto tickets, and even if I don’t get the toy I wanted, I still get chocolate! So, all in all, a great way to collect something I think.