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Goblyns Faceup!

11 Apr


Sooo I got Goblyns faceup done! This is the first time I have ever attempted something like this, so although its not 100% perfect, Im pretty darn happy with how she turned out.
The colours smudged a little more then Id like, and its not quite as symetrical as I would like. BUT I think it turned out pretty awsome for a first attempt and its given her sooo much personality!

GoblynFaceup01  GoblynFaceup05 GoblynFaceup07

I always knew I wanted to give her freckles. I wanted kind of the feel of a freckled redhead, but as a goblin instead of a human.
I also always knew that I wanted her eyebrows to match her hair, which is why I requested that her eyebrows be left blank when I ordered her.
Shes also looking a lot more green now that theres some shading and contouring on her face!

GoblynFaceup02  GoblynFaceup03 GoblynFaceup06

Aaand shes modeling the second dress I ordered with her, which I think suits her a lot more then the other one. I like the the dark colours on her and the gothic lolita kind of feel.
Someday Ill get her some actual gothic lolita outfits, and I really do want a really big thick pink mohair wig for her too!

Im in love with Makie so much. I really think Makie may end up becomming my BJD of choice ^____^


Meet Goblyn, my Makie!

6 Apr


OMG you guys, my Makie arrived and it is beyond totally awsome!!!
It was a whole lot faster then I thought it would be too, which is pretty cool. It was just over a week from ordering that I recieved the shipping confirmation, and I was over the moon estatic.  Two days later….. THERE SHE WAS. Talk about fast shipping! Although, my anticipation was through the roof for her, so it felt much, much longer. 😀

Goblyn02 Goblyn03 Goblyn04

I have a video of her unboxing in the works to share with you, but in the meantime these are some of the first photos I have taken of her. And Iv taken a LOT of photos because shes so flipping amazing that I just cant resist!!
You cant notice how nice and green her skin colour is in most of these photos as much as I would like, and thats largely to do with the fact that her colouring is very, VERY pale. I expected it to be a smidge darker then this, but its quite nice. When I do a faceup on her it will look darker and greener 🙂

Goblyn05 Goblyn06 Goblyn07

This is the best, most high quality and amazing doll, I have yet purchased. And yes, I can totally see myself getting more in the future 😀
She is of course my first ever BJD and….oooohhhhh my, I am in love. The way she moves and poses is so fluid and maleable. Compaired to the rest of my dolls, shes practically real!
She feels quite light, but also sturdy. Her texture is rough from the 3D printing process, and she almost feels as though she is made from wood.

GoblynPigtails01 GoblynPigtails02 GoblynPigtails03

The more I look at pictures of Makies, the more I really really love them. When I first saw them I thought they looked a little odd and slightly eerie, but now Im so used to how they look.
They feel like they have a lot more character and personality then any other doll out there and I love that.
I am of course going to be doing a faceup on her! I specifically requested that her eyebrows be left blank because I want to paint her eyebrows myself. It will be the first faceup I have ever attempted…. so wish me luck! Ill be doing that early this comming week sometime.

GoblynPigtails04 GoblynPigtails05 GoblynPigtails07

Altogether I could not be happier with her. Shes absolutly darling, and clearly the jewel in my collection ATM.
I cant wait to buy all sorts of awsome outfits for her, and accessories, and wigs, and and and…..oh my. I am hooked. 🙂
Goblyn is simply WAY too cute for my own good!


27 Nov

On the hunt as I am every year around this time for more additions to my collection of Christmas ornaments and decorations, here are three absolutely adorable nutcracker tree ornaments I picked up today. These are just cheapie little dollar store finds, but they are super cute, and my collection was lacking in any kind of nutcrackers, so I grabbed them on a whim.

Nutcrackers03 Nutcrackers02
Just a guess, Id say these little gents are around… 3 inches tall? Give or take.
They are very photogenic! I tried to pick out three that differed enough in look to be unique from each other and I think I have a good trio.
Their mouths are even fuctional (well, they open and close… I wouldn’t try to crack a nut in them), with a lever in the back!

Nutcrackers04 Nutcrackers05

Super cute little additions to my Christmas tree 🙂

Dee Dressed and Fixed up!

25 Oct


You may recall that a short while ago I posted some pictures of my old childhood doll Dee. I didn’t have a lot of hope of ever getting him into decent shape, because he was so ratty and run down, but I have succeeded I think, in making him presentable again 😀

First of all I tracked down some acne cream with benzo peroxide, and treated his face for about a week. The pen marks came RIGHT OFF! Im very excited that he has a bright clean face again. Then I gave him a good wash, and unfortunately discovered that his body really is quite permanently stained that grey colour, unless I wanted to bleach him or something, but really the simpler solution seemed to be to clothe him, so that’s what I did.

DeeDressed02 DeeDressed03

I got the outfit from a lovely little Etsy shop. AM – PM Creations makes adorable handmade clothes for Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins dolls, which turn out to have almost the exact same measurements as my Dee. I don’t remember what clothes he originally came in, but Iv always associated him with the colour blue, so blue is what I went with. I think these pajamas suit him to a T!

DeeDressed04 DeeDressed05

No, he dosnt look “like new”, and never will again. But he looks presentable now am I am tickled as punch to put him on display now. Hes spent much too much time buried at the back of a closet 🙂

Toothless and Minion

24 Jul

So the other day when I picked up Sofia, I also picked up a couple of other cool toys, but I really wanted Sofia to have her own post so I held off on posting about them.


Well I was really looking for the growling Toothless plush toy, but when I found this utterly adorable figure, I couldn’t pass it up. I really love the How to Train your Dragon movie and ever since it came out, have wanted Toothless merch, and now that a sequel is coming out soon and theres a TV Series, it looks like we’re finally getting some.

IMG_0466 IMG_0467 IMG_0468

I love this figure! He’s not particularly posable, but he just looks fantastic with some beautiful scaly texture and his adorable face lookin up at chu. *3*


IMG_0471 IMG_0472

Yes, I had to head over to McDonalds to pick up my very own minion. The set McDonalds has in the happy meals is pretty darn cool. This one has a whistle gun!
Yes, it may not be quite as awesome as the Minion Goggles that I so very very much wanted, but this minion toy is pretty cool anyways.

IMG_0474 IMG_0475

Looks like he gets along pretty well with Pinkie Pie 😀

Winter is Coming

2 May

The other day I picked up just the most kickass mug that I have ever owned at Chapters.
They had a whole series of Game of Thrones mugs, one for a bunch of the different houses.
I waffled a bit between Stark and Targaryen (Speaking of Targaryen look at this amazing Daenerys Pullip *_* ) but in the end I decided on Stark because “Winter is Coming” is badass and I am Canadian, so I feel that I have something in common with the Starks.
This is definitely the kind of mug one wants to drink mead out of.

In some slightly related collecting, I picked up a new set of Chessex dice as well.
They didn’t serve me very well in my Pathfinder game last Sunday, but they are very pretty.
Ill give them one more game to roll better or I may not use them anymore.