My Holy Grail Wishlist

Every collector has a Holy Grail list. This is different from a basic wishlist, because these are not items that I know Im going to get sometime down the line, or pick up as soon as they are released or show up on shelves. These are particular, usually rare or hard to find items that I would go completely GAGA over if I could locate and afford.  And you can kind of tell a lot about a collector by their Holy Grail Wishlist, because it tells you a lot about their taste and where they would like their collection to go. These are mine. These are my Holy Grail items.

tumblr_n6npigIU9e1toaefeo5_1280SDCC 2014 CERISE HOOD

Cerise Hood is one of my favourite designs and characters from the Ever After High line of dolls and webisodes. But its a bit of a sore spot for me that none of the regular releases of this doll have the wolf ears that are a part of the character on the show.
The SDCC release is a beautifully re-designed version of the character wherine she fully embraces her wolf side,  and boy does she look gorgeous. Its not clear from the photos if it actually has the wolf ears, but either way, this version may be the truest to her wolf-self that the dolls will get. Its a beautiful doll in any event, and I mourn that it wont be available outside of the con 😦





I know, the technology isn’t 100% perfect yet, but this is like the coolest novelty toy EVER.
It reads your brainwaves (apparently) and the ears stand up when you concentrate and lay flat when you relax.
Its not hard to find, but it is pretty expensive for a novelty item.




The 3D Minion Goggles that came out in theaters as promotion for Despicable Me 2. I have a rather tragic story about these things. I wanted them very badly, but they were hot sellers, and the lady in line RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME bought the last two, and I have not been able to find them at a reasonable price ever since. I say reasonable because you can find them on ebay for 60+ dollars, but for a cheap plastic toy that retailed for 5$, its not really worth it. Still, if I were to ever come across these at a more reasonable price tag, OH MY GOSH ID BUY THEM RIGHT AWAY.




Junko Mizuno is one of my all time favourite artists/designers/mangakas. Her work is incredibly weird, dark, woman-centric and body-positive.  I have several of her mangas and her unique style is really awe inspiring to me. I ALSO collect My Little Pony toys, so when I heard that Junko Mizuno had designed a limited edition pony, I was all over that. They are pretty hard to find now though and also pretty pricey, but I hope to one day add it to my collection.




The Funko Pop! Loki is a pretty hard to find item now. I really love Loki as a villain (especially in Avengers OMG) and would absolutely love to add a Loki to my collection. My desire for Funko Pop! Loki specifically is probably more spite then anything. When I saw the Avengers Pop! collection on shelves, the first one I looked for was Loki, but no stores carried it. Doing some research online discovered that the Silver Loki from Thor is retired and the Gold Loki from Avengers was a SDCC Exclusive. FML.




Any of them. Mostly want Django and Broomhilda, but all of these are super rare collectables now, thanks to the enormous controversy surrounding them that forced them to be discontinued and pulled from the market. You cant even get them on ebay because ebay has banned the sale of them. They are controversial specifically because they were designed to look like classic toys from the same era the film was set in. IE, they are “dolls” instead of “action figures”, and while society at large is OK with adults collecting action figures, dolls are CLEARLY just for children. Right? So a bunch of outraged news and media outlets began calling them “slave dolls” and assuming that they were intended for children to play with and act out slavery with their toys which is ludicrous and couldn’t be further from the real intention, which was movie memerobilia for adult collectors.

The thing is, if you’ve seen the movie Django Unchained, you would know that it is an intensely ANTI slavery movie, meant to shock and anger its audience with the atrocities of the past. Its whole message is “slavey is bad” so even if you WERE going to be playing with these dolls, youd be playing “Django beats up Candie” not whatever pro-slavery bigoted play these people seem to be picturing.

In any case, I loved the movie and was really disappointed when I heard that these had been pulled from the market, meaning I would likely never have a chance to get any 😦

2 Responses to “My Holy Grail Wishlist”

  1. Will at 8:53 pm #

    Hi Grace,

    I have a complete set of the Django Unchained dolls that I am looking to sell. Please email me if you are interested in buying them and we’ll work something out. Thank you!


    • pixiecollections at 6:56 pm #

      Hi Will!

      Unfortunatly I dont have anywhere near the funds to purchase such a set. But thank you very much for reaching out, and best of luck in selling them 🙂

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