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29 Sep

I recently discovered a truly magical thing on Kickstarter: Chanditoys.
I pledged to the campaign right away. Unfortunately it did not end up being funded, but that didn’t stop me from purchasing one from the lovely girl who makes them regardless.

Chanditoys are each handmade and 100% unique. They are designed by the artist Cat as a representation of who you are inside. From the website:

Chanditoys are plushies based on people. They reflect who you are and what you feel. They were created to help people (mostly troubled ones) to talk about their experiences and views. This is meant to help as light therapy, as even the toy itself shows you inner beauty you might not see or what you become when filled with negativity. The overall goal of Chanditoys is to help people feel happier -even if it’s the slightest bit of happiness- one smile at a time. (: 

Chanditoy03 Chanditoy02
That is quite possibly one of the coolest and most adorably caring toy concepts I have ever heard.

So you answer a series of questions about yourself (and don’t be shy! The whole point is to open up!) and the wonderful Cat designs the toy based on your answers. You will then be sent the drawing to double check you like what she has designed, and if you do, the plushie gets created. Each unique. Each special. Each a representation of a beautiful individual.

I’ve decided to name mine Chara.

Chanditoy04 Chanditoy05

Beyond just being in love with the concept, I also love the design. They kind of remind me of CLAMPs Mokona character, crossed with something you would find in a Serendipity book. They are super cute, as well as being wonderfully well made. Chara feels sturdy, and shes well stuffed. I couldn’t ask for a better hand made piece.

I highly recommend checking out the website, and getting yourself a Chanditoy. Cat is wonderful every step of the process and will respond to your inquiries with prompt friendliness. Great experience, through and through!


My Mini Lalaloopsy Collection

1 Jun

Since I don’t have anything new to post about, and probably wont be making a new doll purchase for a little while, I thought that I would post a bit about my existing collection.

I have what I think is a pretty nice sized collection of Mini Lalaloopsies.
I do want one of the regular sized Lalaloopsy dolls, but the minis are just SO adorable and tiny that once I first saw them, I was head over heals in love with these toys. So this is my collection of Lalaloopsies.

LalaCase02 LalaCase03



My favourite two are in this last image: The cute little blue haired girl with the pigtails. Shes SO adorable with her tiny little hood and ice skates! And the to her left, with the brown button eyes and pink lacey dress. She has hearts on her cheeks instead of circles!

Im also rather fond of any of the ‘loopsies whos eyes are a colour other then black, since they mostly all have black eyes. Bea Spells a Lot towards the top stands out a lot with her bright blue eyes.
Since a lot of these are the same molds with different colours, I get very excited by unique molds, so I was thrilled to no end when the ice cream/food series was released. The LalaOopsies are pretty fun too, with their mismatched socks and odd skin colours!

And lastly, the LalaOopsy PONIES. Omigosh, these are flipping adorable. I do collect My Little Pony toys of course, so when I saw these things, I knew I had to add them to my collection at once!
Eventually I want to get a full sized Lalaloopsy, the one I have my eye on is the Snow Princess. I also want the mini mermaids added to my collection as well.
These are so cheap, collecting them is a major addiction!


Free Comic Book Day 2013!

6 May


Time for a post about Free Comic Book Day!
At Free Comic Book Day I picked up four freebie books.

The Kaboom! book with Adventure Time, Regular Show, Peanuts and Garfield.
Tinker Bell
Damsels: Mermaids

And I made a vlog about it! Check out my thoughts on my cool swag 🙂