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Apple White and Madeline Hatter – Ever After High dolls!

28 Dec


Now that the Christmas buzz has died down a little bit I have some time to post some pictures of the dolls that I was the most excited to get.
I have been drooling for months over everyones pictures and reviews of the new Ever After High dolls. Things don’t tend to get to Canada as soon as other places, especially when the initial release isn’t for the typical big retailers like Toys R Us or Target. (Justice? Why???)

But finally, here are my first two Ever After High dolls. For Christmas from my lovely husband I received Madeline Hatter and Apple White.

Maddie03 Maddie02 Maddie01

Maddie is for sure the one I was the most pumped over. Iv loved ever photoset Iv seen of this doll and I love her character in the web series. Shes absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE. HER. HAIR. Wild, curly, colourful, whats not to love?? Shes so darling I could just eat her up. Her outfit is killer, her accessories are amazing, shes probably one of my most favourite dolls and Iv been waiting for her for so long.

One of the first things I notice about these is how stiff their joints are compared to a Monster High. They feel sturdier and more secure. They are a bit of a pain to pose but once you do get them into a pose you like, they aren’t moving!

Apple01 Apple02 Apple03

Apple is lovely as well, and even if her character is a little less likeable in the series, you cant deny her visual design is gorgeous. I love her dress and style.
Of course I would have preferred the daughter of Snow White to have black hair instead of blond, but shes still very pretty. I really love the Apple theme and her hair is styled really nicely. I like how its all gathered to one side in soft ringlets.

The only trouble with her is that that strapless dress dosnt like to stay up! Iv had this trouble before with dolls in strapless dresses. Be careful putting her on the stand, because it likes to drag the dress down and — OOPS! Bit of a wardrobe malfunction 🙂


I am absolutely in LOVE with the Ever After High dolls. The dolls themselves seem to be higher quality then the Monster High dolls, which is saying a lot because the Monster High dolls are pretty darn good quality. These feel sturdier and stronger, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Medieval Lolita look to their outfits.

The next ones I absolutely need are Raven Queen and Cerise Hood. But who am I kidding. Ill probably get them all.


Christmas Nativity

25 Dec


Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas full of all sorts of great food, presents and loving family.

Theres (of course) some awesome stuff that found its way under my tree that will be going up here (Iv waited a long time for my first Ever After High dolls!), but for today I wanted to post about a really really nice Nativity set of figures that Iv had for a long time. Its a beautiful set, and I also wanted to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas rather then EPIC LOOT.

Nativity02 Nativity03
This set my mother had throughout my childhood and it has now been passed onto me for my own collection.
The figures are absolutely beautiful, all porcelain and incredibly detailed. Probably some of the quality items I have as even as a kid I always adored the beautiful attention to detail on these.

Even if the characters are all laughably pale (really??), its still a beautiful item to my collection

Merry Christmas everyone, have a great on 🙂


Rudolph the Red Reindeer!

19 Dec


A little while ago I picked up the Santa Funko POP! figure and I realised that I absolutely needed Rudolph to go with him.
Funko POP! is a series of figures that are every bit as addictive as they are adorable and you reach a certain point where you just cant help yourself — especially when it comes to sets. I have Santa, so of course I need Rudolph!

Rudolph02 Rudolph03

Unlike the Santa figure, Rudolphs head can turn all the way around.
Hes absolutely adorable and he looks really great next to Santa as well.
I don’t think that I need the rest in this particular series…. but who knows… theres an elf out there…


Precious Moments Angel

28 Nov

I love Christmas Angels. Growing up, my mother had a collection of them that would come out every year around Christmas time, from tree toppers, to hanging ornaments, figures for display, or giant plastic light up angels for the front yard. There’s something very serene and calming about being surrounded by a bunch of beautiful and peaceful angels.

Growing up, we always had an angel on top of our tree instead of a star, and its something that I kind of decided Id like to continue doing now that I have a tree of my very own as an adult.

Angel02 Angel03

Iv had an angel on top of my tree for the last couple of years. But while I like her a lot, I always felt she was just a smidge too small for the tree. So Iv wanted to get a bigger angel. I also grew up around the Precious Moments illustrations and figures by Samuel J Butcher. Precious Moments was always a brand I really liked as a kid, with its iconic soothingly cute and peaceful style. But I haven’t had any Precious Moments items in my collection… until now.

Angel04 Angel05

When I saw this Precious Moments angel for sale at an extremely good price on Ebay, I knew that this was the angel I wanted for the top of my tree.
Shes absolutely adorable and beautiful, with an innocent childlike face that almost exudes the proclamation of “Peace on Earth, goodwill to Men”.

I was happy also, to be able to find a tree topper that was more doll-like then figure-like. Most angels have molded hair and cannot be moved or posed. This Precious Moments angel, while not nearly as articulated as a doll, can have her arms moved up or down, and her wings are malleable and able to be positioned as one desires. Non-molded hair is certainly a plus as well! She will likely grace the top of my Christmas tree for many years to come 🙂



27 Nov

On the hunt as I am every year around this time for more additions to my collection of Christmas ornaments and decorations, here are three absolutely adorable nutcracker tree ornaments I picked up today. These are just cheapie little dollar store finds, but they are super cute, and my collection was lacking in any kind of nutcrackers, so I grabbed them on a whim.

Nutcrackers03 Nutcrackers02
Just a guess, Id say these little gents are around… 3 inches tall? Give or take.
They are very photogenic! I tried to pick out three that differed enough in look to be unique from each other and I think I have a good trio.
Their mouths are even fuctional (well, they open and close… I wouldn’t try to crack a nut in them), with a lever in the back!

Nutcrackers04 Nutcrackers05

Super cute little additions to my Christmas tree 🙂

Funko POP Santa!

19 Nov


Bit of a confession here: I am a Christmas NUT.
I adore Christmas. The decorations. The lights. The music. The food. So, yes, Ill probably be posting about Santa Clauses and Angels for the next little while because OMG CHRISTMAS YES.

So I saw this utterly adorable little Funko POP Santa Clause at the store the other day and that was it. He was coming home with me.

SantaFunko02 SantaFunko04

Their Christmas series also included a Rudolph, Hermey, Bumble and a Misfit Elephant. All characters of course from the classic Christmas Special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by Rankin/Bass.

Funko POP figures are always wonderfully sculpted, though not always as wonderfully painted. There are many little spots where the colour does not stay in the lines as it were. His head also does not turn at all like most Funko POP figures heads do.
But he looks fantastic on the shelf!

My Mini Lalaloopsy Collection

1 Jun

Since I don’t have anything new to post about, and probably wont be making a new doll purchase for a little while, I thought that I would post a bit about my existing collection.

I have what I think is a pretty nice sized collection of Mini Lalaloopsies.
I do want one of the regular sized Lalaloopsy dolls, but the minis are just SO adorable and tiny that once I first saw them, I was head over heals in love with these toys. So this is my collection of Lalaloopsies.

LalaCase02 LalaCase03



My favourite two are in this last image: The cute little blue haired girl with the pigtails. Shes SO adorable with her tiny little hood and ice skates! And the to her left, with the brown button eyes and pink lacey dress. She has hearts on her cheeks instead of circles!

Im also rather fond of any of the ‘loopsies whos eyes are a colour other then black, since they mostly all have black eyes. Bea Spells a Lot towards the top stands out a lot with her bright blue eyes.
Since a lot of these are the same molds with different colours, I get very excited by unique molds, so I was thrilled to no end when the ice cream/food series was released. The LalaOopsies are pretty fun too, with their mismatched socks and odd skin colours!

And lastly, the LalaOopsy PONIES. Omigosh, these are flipping adorable. I do collect My Little Pony toys of course, so when I saw these things, I knew I had to add them to my collection at once!
Eventually I want to get a full sized Lalaloopsy, the one I have my eye on is the Snow Princess. I also want the mini mermaids added to my collection as well.
These are so cheap, collecting them is a major addiction!