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Free Comic Book Day 2013!

6 May


Time for a post about Free Comic Book Day!
At Free Comic Book Day I picked up four freebie books.

The Kaboom! book with Adventure Time, Regular Show, Peanuts and Garfield.
Tinker Bell
Damsels: Mermaids

And I made a vlog about it! Check out my thoughts on my cool swag 🙂

Allie Lectric

4 May

So today was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and I got some really sweet looking comics.
I haven’t had a chance to sit down and read through them yet, so Im going to make a FCBD post showing off my new goodies sometime tomorrow when I can talk a bit about their content and not just the lovely cover art!

In the meantime however I wanted to talk about DOLLS. I did go to Toys R Us today while I was out and about (Hit them right after the comic book shop) and I got Allie Lectric, my first Novi Stars doll.

I was debating about getting a Monster High doll (and I think I will next time, Draculaura most likely) or a Novi Stars, both doll lines that are gorgeously designed and that I have been reading about online a lot. Novi Stars won out because Allie was on sale. Allie is amazingly adorable, and happens to sport my favorite colour combination, green and pink. I love her cute little elf-like ears!
The idea of a fashion doll line of aliens is awesome to me.  (Much like the idea of a fashion doll line of monsters!)


Iv been looking online of course at BJDs an awful LOT and have been seriously toying with the prospect of ordering a Pullip or a J-Doll. Both pretty cheap lines for BJDs, so something that might be affordable for me to sink my teeth into. I swear someday Ill be able to afford something from Dream of Doll!

Princess Celestia

3 May

ImageAs kinda a place holder today I thought Id post a quick pic of the newest addition to my My Little Pony toy collection. I never bought the pink Princess Celestia, holding out for the white one instead. Not the giant one that talks, but the small size that fits in to scale with the other toys in my collection. As soon as my local Toys R Us gets in some of the new ones I do plan on getting Sunset Shimmer as well, but my own branch is a bit behind the others.

Tomorrow being FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is very exciting, and hopefully the next day after that Ill have a post with all the loot I pick up then!