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Skelita! Día de Muertos

29 Jul


Today I purchased a Monster High doll that I have been wanting for a while! I saw this one online and knew that it was one I wanted to add to my collection. This is possibly THE coolest MH doll out there. Its apparently a little on the hard to find side, so I was pretty happy to see it on shelves at my local Target.

SkelitaDress03 SkelitaDress02

Her design is very Day of the Dead and looks absolutely FANTASTIC. I absolutely LOVE the stylized theatrical makeup instead of the glitzy glam makeup these girls usually wear. Its a very different look then the other MH dolls and I adore it. Her look is way less teenage fashionista and more monster, which is great. Iv always liked the IDEA of the MH dolls, but tend to find that most of them are a bit too fashion focused for me and not enough monster focused, but this one is amazing on that front.
Of course what makes all of it come together is the body on this doll.

Skelita04 Skelita03 Skelita02

LOOK AT THIS. She has a FULLY SCULPTED skeleton body. And it is GORGEOUS.
I cant think of many other MH dolls have have as unique a sculpt as Skelita. This is why I really wanted this one, because its the perfect marriage of creepy and beautiful.

SkelitaBody02 SkelitaBody01

Just look at the detail! Its incredible! Now, her anatomy is a little weird. She still has breasts and a bum molded into her bones which is a little weird, though understandable. I think its mostly to make sure her clothes hang normally on her frame, and I don’t mind it. The only other issue is that shes not nearly as poseable as the other MH dolls. Her knees don’t bend well, her head is hard to turn, and her arms are very stiff. But honestly, I don’t mind the limited articulation if it means such gloriously beautiful detail on the mold. 100% my favourite Monster High.



Talking Sofia the First

22 Jul


The Mattel Sofia the First: Talking Sofia and Animal Friends has hit shelves! I was actually really pleasantly surprised to see it here so soon since here in Canada we usually get things quite a bit late. Found her at Target, and I have seen people online saying that they have found this one at Walmart as well.

I was really excited about this doll, as it is the only Sofia toy that really really looks like the character from the cartoon series. Interestingly, the Disney Store Exclusive in this case is NOT a great looking doll (even if it is more articulated) and Mattel wins out this round, which is usually the other way around.

Sofia06 Sofia01  Sofia04

She looks absolutely GORGEOUS. She comes with three animal friends, Clover the Bunny, Robin the Robin, and Mia the Bluebird. Its actually a pretty darn cool toy because if you raise the animals up to her, they talk to her and Sofia talks back. Pretty neat! If I was a kid and going to be playing with this doll, I would be pretty thrilled. It works really well too, so I can see kids being really into this toy. For me though of course, shes going to be on the shelf, not really being played with, so the electronic features are a tad extraneous, making the price tag on this doll a bit much.

Sofia02 Sofia05 Sofia07

Her hair was also really messy right out of the box, but she dosnt come with a brush. I used a brush from another toy to fix it a bit, but its not perfect. I even tried to pick the Sofia whose hair looked the least mussed, so your millage may vary on her hair.

Her gown is absolutely lovely though and is 100% spot on and show accurate. On the whole I think this doll looks fantastic, and for a display piece is a great buy (if a bit expensive).