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Gypsy Danger

2 Jan


While it may not be the most common opinion, Pacific Rim was hands down my absolute favourite film of 2013.
I guess Im just really getting tired of the current trend in movies and TV to be as super dark and gritty as possible. I like ridiculous and fun stories about heroic heros who save the day. Don’t get me wrong, Im as into Game of Thrones as the next crazy nerd girl, but Im also into My Little Pony and Adventure Time. I like fun, uplifting stories, and Ill be darned if a movie about giant mechs punching giant monsters dosnt fit the bill.

GypsyDanger02 GypsyDanger03

I was very excited that NECA made Pacific Rim action figures. Only problem is that none of the stores in my town ever got them in stock. Toys R Us never got it, and even the local nerd retailers didn’t bother with them. I was pretty much sure Id have to just order it online at some point, but lo! I found Gypsy Danger whilst out of town when we happened into a comic book shop. While the price was a little steep (30$, ouch) I’d been wanting Gypsy Danger for a while, so I snatched it up then and there.

GypsyDanger04 GypsyDanger05

And this is indeed a seriously cool looking toy. He looks worn and battle damaged. The detail on him is absolutely stunning, as one has come to expect of course from NECA. Hes articulated at the ankles, knees, elbows, wrists and waist. And he comes with two kick ass blades. They don’t stay in very well if your handling it a lot, but standing on the shelf he looks freaking PIMP.

Merry Christmas to me I guess! I want more Pacific Rim.

My First Dolly

30 Sep


I thought Id take a brief interlude from posting about new awesome stuff and talk a bit about something a bit older.
I have only recently started really delving into doll collecting, and as I gaze at my quickly growing collection of Monster Highs, Kurhns and Disney Characters, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at one of the oldest toys I own and the first doll I ever owned.
Meet Dee.
Now I don’t collect baby dolls, but Dee has been with me almost me entire life and has a lot of sentimental value to me. He is very ratty now, in extremely bad condition, but I love him anyways, because he is a piece of my childhood. I don’t know what type of doll he is, (Update: I have discovered that he is a Uneeda doll!) and Iv lost anything he ever came with.

Dee01 Dee02 Dee04
Im going to try to get him cleaned up. Ill try to either make him some clothes or track down something for him to wear, he has been naked for years now!! He also needs a good scrubbing as his plastic bits are all stained and grubby. Don’t know how Im going to get the marker off though, that might have to stay. If anyone knows of a good product for removing years old marker off of plastic dolls, please let me know! 🙂

Its also a shame that his eyelids don’t function very well and hes missing eyelashes, but hey. Its an old, very well loved toy, so Im not too worried about that. If you’ve read the Velveteen Rabbit, you know what I mean. Hes real.

Dee05 Dee06 Dee07

One of the oldest toys I own today, and very very special to me.
Id be curious what other collectors cherish from their childhoods! Whats your oldest toy that you never let go of for sentimental reasons? Is it in good condition, or did you all but destroy it with love and play? Is your current collection in the same vein, or did you go in a completely different direction as an adult?

Dee is a very special doll to me, even if hes not much to look at 🙂

New Funko Pops! Twilight Sparkle and She-Ra

29 Aug


As you may recall, I started off my Funko Pop! collection with Daenerys from Game of Thrones, which is a fantasticly awesome figure that just begged to have friends with it.  I knew however that I couldn’t just start collecting Pop!s all willy-nilly or else I would very quickly be drowning in a sea of the things. There are so many of them, it was just a rabbit hole I was unwilling to venture down. So, I decided on a focus for my Funko purchases, and settled on bad-ass princesses, so here we are.

SheRa03 SheRa02 SheRa01

The most obvious first companion to Danny was She-Ra, the Princess of Power!  The two of them can chill out and discuss being bad-ass royalty together.
Iv wanted a She-Ra figure for a while, but none of the She-Ras out there really speak to me much, except maybe for this one, but the original doll version is….aaahh, not really my thing. But the Funko Pop! figure looks spectacular and I am thrilled that she finally arrived. She is a really cool figure and a brilliant addition to my collection.

TwilightSparkle03 TwilightSparkle02 TwilightSparkle01

I was thrilled a couple of weeks ago to find Twilight Sparkle in the local nerd store, and scooped her up in moments. Shes utterly adorable, with her sculpted muzzle and little sitting position. I really like the Funko Pop! pony sculpts, and think they did a fine job with them.
Now, I have found with the Pop! figures that sometimes the paint job is a little sloppy, and my Twilight is the worst offender of my three Pop! figures. She does have quite a few spots where the colours are uneven, most noticeably that missing bit on the tip of her horn. So that is kind of disappointing, but Ill probably be able to fix it up a bit later.


Heres Twilight next to the regular brushable mane Twilight. As you can see the colours are much more accurate to the show on the Funko Pop! version.

Next Ill be on the lookout for Merida and Princess Bubblegum :3

Mrs Cake and Twirly Treats

6 Aug


No new dolls to talk about, but thought Id do a quick Pony post today. When I saw Mrs. Cake and Twirly Treats I knew Id have to snatch em up.
Not really because they are show accurate (Ill get to that in a moment) but because I like the colours and the way they look mostly.

IMG_0564 IMG_0563

Twirly Treats does not appear in the show at all (at least I haven’t seen her, she could be a background pony Im not aware of) but she sports my favourite colour combination, pink and green. I love her hair and her very BOLD pink coat. Her cutie mark is absolutely darling as well. Its too bad the set didn’t come with Mr. Cake, but in his absence, Twirly Treats is quite fun.

IMG_0560 IMG_0559 mrs__cake_by_shelltoontv-d3fb4a6

Now, Mrs. Cake looks nothing like she looks in the show. Wrong hair, wrong body, even the colours are slightly off. But that is hardly surprising considering they would have to create a completely unique mold to get the look of this character right, and how the heck were they gonna do that cotton candy hair??
Consider it “Mrs Cake when she was younger”, its still an adorable toy.
And they did get her eyes right which makes her stand out considerably from the rest of my pony collection.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the baking hat she came with though, so she gets displayed sans. 🙂


Toothless and Minion

24 Jul

So the other day when I picked up Sofia, I also picked up a couple of other cool toys, but I really wanted Sofia to have her own post so I held off on posting about them.


Well I was really looking for the growling Toothless plush toy, but when I found this utterly adorable figure, I couldn’t pass it up. I really love the How to Train your Dragon movie and ever since it came out, have wanted Toothless merch, and now that a sequel is coming out soon and theres a TV Series, it looks like we’re finally getting some.

IMG_0466 IMG_0467 IMG_0468

I love this figure! He’s not particularly posable, but he just looks fantastic with some beautiful scaly texture and his adorable face lookin up at chu. *3*


IMG_0471 IMG_0472

Yes, I had to head over to McDonalds to pick up my very own minion. The set McDonalds has in the happy meals is pretty darn cool. This one has a whistle gun!
Yes, it may not be quite as awesome as the Minion Goggles that I so very very much wanted, but this minion toy is pretty cool anyways.

IMG_0474 IMG_0475

Looks like he gets along pretty well with Pinkie Pie 😀

Talking Sofia the First

22 Jul


The Mattel Sofia the First: Talking Sofia and Animal Friends has hit shelves! I was actually really pleasantly surprised to see it here so soon since here in Canada we usually get things quite a bit late. Found her at Target, and I have seen people online saying that they have found this one at Walmart as well.

I was really excited about this doll, as it is the only Sofia toy that really really looks like the character from the cartoon series. Interestingly, the Disney Store Exclusive in this case is NOT a great looking doll (even if it is more articulated) and Mattel wins out this round, which is usually the other way around.

Sofia06 Sofia01  Sofia04

She looks absolutely GORGEOUS. She comes with three animal friends, Clover the Bunny, Robin the Robin, and Mia the Bluebird. Its actually a pretty darn cool toy because if you raise the animals up to her, they talk to her and Sofia talks back. Pretty neat! If I was a kid and going to be playing with this doll, I would be pretty thrilled. It works really well too, so I can see kids being really into this toy. For me though of course, shes going to be on the shelf, not really being played with, so the electronic features are a tad extraneous, making the price tag on this doll a bit much.

Sofia02 Sofia05 Sofia07

Her hair was also really messy right out of the box, but she dosnt come with a brush. I used a brush from another toy to fix it a bit, but its not perfect. I even tried to pick the Sofia whose hair looked the least mussed, so your millage may vary on her hair.

Her gown is absolutely lovely though and is 100% spot on and show accurate. On the whole I think this doll looks fantastic, and for a display piece is a great buy (if a bit expensive).