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23 May

40ab137c0d92770c4156d5da626ee553_large I just backed an awesome looking Kickstarter campaign, and I thought Id share the info around because these look AMAZING.

Its no secret in the doll community that in the mainstreme, non doll collecting world dolls are the subject of hot debate for their reprecussions for young girls. I dont really want to touch on that debate too much because I actually really understand both sides of it and dont feel like pointing any blame fingers around. Suffice to say though that while I am a girl who loves to collect super girly princessy kinds of dolls (Ever After High anyone?) I am also a nerd who loves me some awesome super heros and feminist empowered icons. And theres no escaping that in the world of toys, things are pretty skewed to exclude girls from most action oriented characters and play.

Unfortunatly most starry eyed feminist adults with dreams of changing the world one empowered toy for girls at a time dont actually understand toys enough and the results are really sub-par products as alternatives to the status quo. Or they try to tear down on the establishment of the pretty princess, creating feelings of resentment in those of us who really actually happen to like long flowing hair and gorgeous princess gowns thankyouverymuch.

But IAmElemental has fallen into neither of these traps and Im really really really excited by what they are doing. The design is good… like real good. These girls are beautifully feminine while still exuding an aura of power and badassery. They arent scantily dressed… but they arent un-fashionable either. They just look damn good.

I backed this Kickstarted in a heartbeat and cant wait to get some of these figures in person by the end of the year. I am of a firm belife that princesses and super-heroines can and should live side by side.

Kurhn Photoshoot

24 Sep


No new dolls today, but a quick photoshoot to throw up here.
I generally just snap some nice shots on my iphone when I want to take a variety of photos of my dolls, but my husband is actually a professional photographer.
When he asked if he could take some shots of one of my dolls as a composition practise I was giddy with excitement to see what he could do with one of them as a subject.

So here without further ado are the shots he took and edited. He chose his favourite of my collection, one of the Kurhns 🙂

TravisKurhn01 TravisKurhn02 TravisKurhn03 TravisKurhn04

Space Seed Minimates

13 Aug


Today I discovered Minimates and here I go. Like I really needed another thing to collect. (Hint: I don’t.)
I had never heard of Minimates before, but I seriously wish I had because they have a whole TON of awesome figures. I think what I really love the most about these figures is how much they remind me of Lego. Who didn’t love lego?! Ill be trying to track down a Loki Minimate later and maybe (just maybe) Ill keep this particular collection to villains to give myself a focus. But lets not get ahead of myself here! The first Minimates I bought are some of their new Star Trek figures. And wouldn’t you know it, there is a set (Captain Kirk and Khan) for my favourite episode of Star Trek ever, Space Seed.

IMG_0585 IMG_0586

Here is Captain Kirk facing off against the legendary film icon Khan. Now what is interesting here is that these are not Wrath of Khan figures, of which there are many, but these are Space Seed figures, of which there are less. Space Seed is my favourite episode because Khan is such a brilliant villain and its intriguing to me how he, a mere human, (genetically superior, but human nonetheless) manages to give Kirk more of a run for his money in this episode then a lot of the super powered cosmic entities he comes across over the course of TOS.

IMG_0589 IMG_0588

The two figures look really nice, too. They are instantly recognisable as their characters, while also rocking the awesome Lego-esque aesthetic style.
Theres a great attention to detail here, down to their outfits being completely episode accurate. They also come with three accessories: Two phasers and a communicator, which snap into their little hands perfectly. Kirks phaser can also clip onto his belt!  Seriously cool toys. The only problem I can see here is that while Kirks head moves very freely, Khans is more difficult, and attempting to move his head generally just results to getting his hair askew.


Small grievances, all in all these are great little figures and I love them! Will definitely be getting more Minimates in the future! (sigh)

Toothless and Minion

24 Jul

So the other day when I picked up Sofia, I also picked up a couple of other cool toys, but I really wanted Sofia to have her own post so I held off on posting about them.


Well I was really looking for the growling Toothless plush toy, but when I found this utterly adorable figure, I couldn’t pass it up. I really love the How to Train your Dragon movie and ever since it came out, have wanted Toothless merch, and now that a sequel is coming out soon and theres a TV Series, it looks like we’re finally getting some.

IMG_0466 IMG_0467 IMG_0468

I love this figure! He’s not particularly posable, but he just looks fantastic with some beautiful scaly texture and his adorable face lookin up at chu. *3*


IMG_0471 IMG_0472

Yes, I had to head over to McDonalds to pick up my very own minion. The set McDonalds has in the happy meals is pretty darn cool. This one has a whistle gun!
Yes, it may not be quite as awesome as the Minion Goggles that I so very very much wanted, but this minion toy is pretty cool anyways.

IMG_0474 IMG_0475

Looks like he gets along pretty well with Pinkie Pie 😀

Funko Pop! Daenerys

5 Jul


Today I picked up the Funko Pop! figure of Daenerys.
Its the first Funko Pop! figure Iv ever bought. Iv never really been the hugest fan of the Funko Pop! line, but I am a huge fan of Danny and this is (so far) the only official Danny figure.
Shes one in a series of Game of Thrones figures. Shes really cute, and has great molded hair. She is sporting her Dothraki outfit from the first season and is shown with one of her dragons.

Danearies02 Danearies03

I sort of wish that they hadn’t included a dragon because she has THREE dragons, and it seems to me that either all three or none at all should be included in a figure. Perhaps this is her favourite dragon. (Shhhhh don’t tell the other two)
I was pretty excited to get this figure nonetheless. I love Daenerys and wish there was more merchandise around for her! I do wish there was an actual DOLL of her as much as I like this chibi version of her. But this is great for now! The other Funko Pop! figure I really want is the Marvel Loki.


Equestria Girls Dolls

27 Jun


Looks like some people have already been getting the Equestria Girls dolls in!
So its looking as though SOME of the dolls have full outfits and jointed elbows and knees, whereas some of the other dolls have painted on tops and are only jointed at the shoulders and hips.
Ill be holding out to get all of them fully jointed, which is looking like Im going to be starting my collection with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

Princess Celestia

3 May

ImageAs kinda a place holder today I thought Id post a quick pic of the newest addition to my My Little Pony toy collection. I never bought the pink Princess Celestia, holding out for the white one instead. Not the giant one that talks, but the small size that fits in to scale with the other toys in my collection. As soon as my local Toys R Us gets in some of the new ones I do plan on getting Sunset Shimmer as well, but my own branch is a bit behind the others.

Tomorrow being FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is very exciting, and hopefully the next day after that Ill have a post with all the loot I pick up then!