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Lalaloopsy Girls – Mittens Fluff ‘n Stuff

26 Aug


I have been super stoked for a while seeing that Lalaloopsy was releasing a line of fashion dolls. Iv always loved the Lalaloopsy dolls; I collect the minis and considered getting the mix ‘n match dolls. The main line is adorable, but a bit too large for me. But these ones really did it for me, and I was so excited when my Toys R Us got them in.

 Mittens02 Mittens03
The first I’ve picked up is Mittens Fluff ‘n Stuff, one of the cutest of their line of characters. I’ve always loved Mittens’s snuggly winter coats and cute kitty touque. The bright blue braids are defonatly a big win in my books!
I LOVE the face on these dolls. Shes super adorable but also kind of classy. She looks glamourous at the same time shes sugary sweet.

 Mittens04 Mittens05
The Lalaloopsy Girls dolls have molded hair on their heads, and plastic elasticy hair in pigtails that can be styled. She came with a comb, but I dont think I will be taking her pigtails out of the braids.
The hair also changes colour in cold water! It truely does work, but its pretty light and dosnt last for long, so I wasnt able to get a picture of the effect. Its neat though, I always liked heat activated changes in toys when I was a kid.

Mittens06 Mittens07

I dont generally feel it nesisary to display the doll in the nude, but the Lalaloopsy girls have one of the most unique body molds Iv ever seen. I think her large non-feet are utterly adorable, I almost died with glee when I removed her shoes to find these big blobs. Its sweet and simplistic and very reminisant of the old cloth dolls their look is based on.

Altogether, I think this is a fantastic looking line, and Im looking forward to getting some more 😀

My Mini Lalaloopsy Collection

1 Jun

Since I don’t have anything new to post about, and probably wont be making a new doll purchase for a little while, I thought that I would post a bit about my existing collection.

I have what I think is a pretty nice sized collection of Mini Lalaloopsies.
I do want one of the regular sized Lalaloopsy dolls, but the minis are just SO adorable and tiny that once I first saw them, I was head over heals in love with these toys. So this is my collection of Lalaloopsies.

LalaCase02 LalaCase03



My favourite two are in this last image: The cute little blue haired girl with the pigtails. Shes SO adorable with her tiny little hood and ice skates! And the to her left, with the brown button eyes and pink lacey dress. She has hearts on her cheeks instead of circles!

Im also rather fond of any of the ‘loopsies whos eyes are a colour other then black, since they mostly all have black eyes. Bea Spells a Lot towards the top stands out a lot with her bright blue eyes.
Since a lot of these are the same molds with different colours, I get very excited by unique molds, so I was thrilled to no end when the ice cream/food series was released. The LalaOopsies are pretty fun too, with their mismatched socks and odd skin colours!

And lastly, the LalaOopsy PONIES. Omigosh, these are flipping adorable. I do collect My Little Pony toys of course, so when I saw these things, I knew I had to add them to my collection at once!
Eventually I want to get a full sized Lalaloopsy, the one I have my eye on is the Snow Princess. I also want the mini mermaids added to my collection as well.
These are so cheap, collecting them is a major addiction!