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16 Jul


Zecora has always been one of my favourite characters in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show. And while theres not a lot of merchandise for her, theres certainly more then I ever expected. Getting a Zecora pony was not very expected, and neither was getting a Zecora Equestia Girls doll! So when I saw the Toy Fair photos, I knew this was one I would have to add to the collection.

IMG_1935  IMG_1934 IMG_1936
Now shes got added pink streaks in her hair because she is a part of the “Rainbowfied” line, but I really think Zecora pulls that off nicely, especially with the matching makeup.
I rather love her asymetrical look; she looks punky and classy all at the same time. I was a little skeptical how the earrings would look on top of her head like that, but they end up looking pretty cool IMO. I think that she translated to doll form very well actually, all in all!

I do wish that she had bigger, more prominent stripes though. Shes supposed to be a Zebra, remember?

IMG_1939 IMG_1941 IMG_1942
Now Im sure you already know my feelings about the clothes that the Equestria Girls come in. Really the only EQG outfit Iv liked was Trixies.
This one is… quite possibly my least favourite outfit ever. Its… the skirt, really. I hate the skirt. There, I said it. The jacket is totally cool and the tank is cute, but the skirt is awful.
That said I dont really think any of it suits Zecora specifically because, if youve seen the show at all, Zecora is African.
So you can bet that I will be redressing her sometime soon 🙂


The Great and Powerful TRIXIE!

4 Mar


Alrighty! Time for some more Equestria Girls!
Iv been seeing (and drooling over) photos of the new Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks line for a while now, and Trixie was especially exciting because – my word, LOOK at that outfit. I know I mostly have just collected the Delux body EQG dolls, but Im kind of making an exception for special characters that arent likely to get multiple releases, such as Trixie here.

Trixie02  Trixie04 Trixie03

Trixie looks great, and this is probably the first time Iv actually been really impressed by a EQG dolls outfit. Her dress is beautiful and super fun, and I love love love the hat she comes with. Everything about this doll just looks phenominal. And she also has actual fully molded feet as well, as do all of these new wave EQG dolls which is a big improvement over the first wave ones with their snap on shoes.

Trixie05 Trixie06 Trixie07

I will say that I DO wish they were releasing fully articulated bodies for all of the dolls in the series though. Hasbro really has to step up the quality levels of these if they actually want to compete seriously with Monster High and Ever After High, both of which have marvelously well articulated bodies for ALL the dolls.
Honestly not the biggest fan of the rigidly straight, unmovable arms and legs, but the doll LOOKS really good regardless.

Pony Palooza!

16 Feb

I have been a little remis in my posting of late, as life has sort of caught up with me. Iv bought a few nifty things over the last little bit but havent posted about any of them! For shame. 😦

So this post is a quick look at all the new PONIES I have, and I have been steadily adding more then a few to my collection this month.

Chrysalis01 Chrysalis02 Chrysalis03
First up, I picked up the Favourites Collection 02. Im late in getting it. Its been out for a long while, but Id been waiting for it to go on sale because I only needed two ponies from the set, which included three I already have and two others I didnt care about. One of the ponies I really wanted from the set though was the Season 02 villainess Queen Chrysalis.

Golly shes a gorgeously evil design. While the toys dont always do the cartoon characters complete justice, she looks darn good and looks excellent next to my Nightmare Moon!

Derpy01 Derpy02 Derpy03

Annnnd the piece de resistance from the second Favourites Set, DERPY!
Getting a brushable Derpy toy into my collection is pretty darn special. I missed getting the Comic Con fashion sized Derpy, and arent really a huge fan of the Funko vinyl toys. I never thought theyd release a Derpy toy in this format, but they did!
Now all I need is a Derpy Equestria Girl doll and my life will be complete.

Flutterplush01 Flutterplush02 Flutterplush03

TY started releasing these ADORABLE little MLP plushies a while back, and Fluttershy was finally added to the roster so I had to snatch her up.
I have a few of the Funrise plushes, but TY is defonatly my favourite MLP Plush series to come out so far, so I grabbed Fluttershy as soon as I saw her.
Shes so cute and squishable!

Wysteria01 Wysteria02 Wysteria03

And lastely,  the beautiful and lovely Wysteria!
They have not released many glittery brushables yet, but I hope they continue. This is possibly the most gorgeous pony in my collection. Look at her! It took a while of hunting for her too, and I wasnt sure Id ever locate her. Shes apparently a bit of a hard to find item, so I was over the moon when I located her.

Next post: Raven Queen!
Its taking me all of my willpower not to splurge on all the dolls showing up in my stores right now, but I was good and settled on just Raven for now.


16 Jan


As I am collecting the My Little Pony: Equestria Girl Deluxe version dolls, I was super stoked when I heard that one of the next Deluxe version characters to be released would be none other then Rarity! She is one of my top favourite characters on the show, and out of all of them, she strikes me as the one most suited to a fashion doll.
So a few days ago I picked her up, and was very happy to have done so as Iv been waiting for her for a while now.
The dress that I have her in is a dress from the La Dee Da doll line. Even though I actually quite like the two outfits she came in, I think that this colour suits her better. It does after all match her cutie mark perfectly!

Rarity02 Rarity03

The dress is the La Dee Da “Design to Shine” fashion pack, minus the green boa that comes with.
The slimming cocktail gown is absolutely perfect for the character and fits her to a T.
I also put her hair in an up-do (which took me many tries with many horribly failed attempts), because it seemed like it fit well with the outfit. Rarity is a classy gal, after all.

RarityPurpleDress02 RarityPurpleDress01

This is he dress the doll comes in in the box. Its quite a nice dress actually, and I like it on her quite a bit, I just always pictured Rarity in a slim and sleek cocktail dress. But, of course, she rocks both. But the purple is another great colour on her, matching her hair wonderfully.

RarityPinkDress02 RarityPinkDress01

And then we have the alternate outfit the doll came with. Which I appreciate that someone else also thought a tight-fit gown would be great for Rarity, I think this colour is pretty icky on her. Not a huge fan of the weird poof thing on her hip, either.

Altogether though shes great, and really, if any doll deserves to have a diverse wardrobe, its Rarity.
Here she is on the shelf 🙂


Gypsy Danger

2 Jan


While it may not be the most common opinion, Pacific Rim was hands down my absolute favourite film of 2013.
I guess Im just really getting tired of the current trend in movies and TV to be as super dark and gritty as possible. I like ridiculous and fun stories about heroic heros who save the day. Don’t get me wrong, Im as into Game of Thrones as the next crazy nerd girl, but Im also into My Little Pony and Adventure Time. I like fun, uplifting stories, and Ill be darned if a movie about giant mechs punching giant monsters dosnt fit the bill.

GypsyDanger02 GypsyDanger03

I was very excited that NECA made Pacific Rim action figures. Only problem is that none of the stores in my town ever got them in stock. Toys R Us never got it, and even the local nerd retailers didn’t bother with them. I was pretty much sure Id have to just order it online at some point, but lo! I found Gypsy Danger whilst out of town when we happened into a comic book shop. While the price was a little steep (30$, ouch) I’d been wanting Gypsy Danger for a while, so I snatched it up then and there.

GypsyDanger04 GypsyDanger05

And this is indeed a seriously cool looking toy. He looks worn and battle damaged. The detail on him is absolutely stunning, as one has come to expect of course from NECA. Hes articulated at the ankles, knees, elbows, wrists and waist. And he comes with two kick ass blades. They don’t stay in very well if your handling it a lot, but standing on the shelf he looks freaking PIMP.

Merry Christmas to me I guess! I want more Pacific Rim.

Kimono Fluttershy!

10 Dec


Lets talk for a moment about the Equestria Girls dolls.
Hasbro recently launched this line of dolls as a way to compete with one of the most popular dolls on the market, Monster High. So they took their My Little Pony franchise and anthropomorphized it and voila! We have Equestria Girls. This is old news, but I wanted to compare a bit since I have some dolls from both franchises and I have to say, hands down, Monster High wins. Not just because the MH dolls are higher quality, I expected that, but because the MH dolls are wonderfully well themed, all with outfits that uniquely reflect each characters schtick and personality. Hasbro got a bit lazy, I feel, in designing outfits for the Equestria Girls that actually suit their personalities as shown on the series.

So I redress all of my EQG dolls. And Iv been VERY excited for a while now for this Kimono a friend of mine made for me for my Fluttershy.

FluttershyKimono01 FluttershyKimono03

Rainbow Dash was easy, just had to find a tank top and shorts set. Pinkie Pie needed a Sweet Lolita dress, and Twilight Sparkle will be put in a Schoolgirl Uniform. Of course.

Fluttershy though I had a few different ideas. I thought she might look good in a medieval gown (she would), but in the end I settled on a butterfly Kimono. Why? Because the flowy femininity of it suits her perfectly. Also apparently Japanese fans LOVE Fluttershy to bits and have decided that Fluttershy is “honorary Japanese” because her personality is more or less the Japanese idea of the perfect woman (adorable, sweet, and meek?). I like the idea of incorporating some fan-canon into my dolls outfits, so I settled on a Kimono.

FluttershyKimono04 FluttershyKimono05

So I picked up the pattern for the Kimono from DGRequiem on Etsy and send it to a friend of mine who knows how to sew.
It did end up a bit too big for Fluttershy, but the pattern was intended for a Monster High doll, so that was expected.

Seriously, how can you not love a Fluttershy in a butterfly pattern Kimono? 😀
Best. Fluttershy. Outfit. EVER.



9 Nov


Alrighty! Pinkie Pie PART TWO!
Been waiting for this dress to arrive so that I could do a post about non-Boutique Pinkie Pie, because she IS the reason I bought both in the first place.
To remind: Only Boutique (gothy) Pinkie Pie was released with a deluxe body, but I really wanted the normal from-the-show Pinkie Pie with a deluxe body, so I ended up buying both and swapping their heads and boots. I then purchased a new, more character accurate dress for my normal Pinkie Pie,  and voila! Here she is.

PinkiePie02 PinkiePie03 PinkiePie07

The dress is from a really great Etsy shop that I have purchased doll clothes from before. Her work is always great quality and I am thrilled with how amazing and adorable this darn dress is :3
This is exactly the kind of cute, fun, and exuberant dress that I picture Pinkie Pie wearing, and it suits her to a T. Now its made with a Monster High doll in mind, which are quite a bit taller then Equestria Girls dolls, so the dress ends up being much longer on Pinkie then it would be on a Monster High. I also wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t QUITE so high necked. But Im pretty darn pleased with how it fit all in all.

PinkiePie04 PinkiePie05 PinkiePie06

I also stuck her hair in pigtails because why the heck not. I love pigtails and if any of the Equestria Girls were going to wear pigtails, it would obviously be Pinkie Pie.
Her hair BTW is much much much curlier and wild then the Boutique Pinkie Pies. Its so frizzy Im worried to touch it too much. Its ludicrously crazy and I love it, because it is absolutely perfect for Pinkie.

So now I just have to track down a Rarity!