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Pinkie Pie Boutique

28 Oct


As you may recall, I am collecting the Deluxe body Equestria Girls dolls, so I was very excited to hear that Rarity and Pinkie Pie where the next to be released with Deluxe bodies. Rarity I have not found in my local stores yet, but I was super hyped to find the Deluxe Pinkie Pie.

Unfortunately instead of releasing Pinkie Pie the character that we know and love from the show as a Deluxe model, they chose to make a Deluxe version of the Pinkie Pie Boutique line, which is not my favourite. I kind of get what they are going for with it, and I am actually a HUGE fan of pink and black as a colour combination. So while I think on a visual level the Pinkie Pie Boutique line LOOKS really nice, it dosnt really make sense to me on a purist level because it dosnt suit Pinkie Pies character at all.

First of all… theres actually a character in My Little Pony that is a fashion designer and runs her own boutique. Its Rarity. Wouldn’t a fashion centric series make more sense to focus on her? Pinkie Pie is a fun loving party girl. And goth… really dosnt fit Pinkies personality.
Anyways, all this is to say that I really wanted a Deluxe Pinkie Pie of, well…. Pinkie Pie, not Boutique Pinkie Pie. So I picked up both the regular Pinkie AND the Boutique Pinkie, and switched their heads and shoes. I have a dress coming for Regular Pinkie Pie, but Boutique Pinkie Pie has grown on me enough as her own thing that I don’t think Ill just abandon her either.

PinkiePieBoutique01 PinkiePieBoutique02 PinkiePieBoutique03
The more time I spent with the Boutique doll (now with the normal body instead of the Deluxe body), the more I actually really like it. I don’t really consider her “Pinkie Pie” per say, but shes kind of adorable as her own thing I think. Her hair is really glossy and flowing. Its not as curly and wild as the regular Pinkies hair, but is more “fashionable” and stylish.

Actually to be honest even as I write this post and look at the photos I grow to like the look even more.  Yes, I may need Proper Pinkie in my collection, but theres room as well for Boutique Pinkie. She comes of course with two outfits, and I really like the first one best. It pops a bit more on her, whereas the glossy one kind of just blends with her skin. I am happy to note though that the dresses both completely cover the white painted on top that the normal body comes with.

PinkiePieBoutique04 PinkiePieBoutique05 PinkiePieBoutique06

Kind of really glad I decided to buy both Pinkie Pies!
The other Pinkie is woefully naked at the moment however since the normal body only comes with a removable skirt so the outfit wasn’t transferable.
So Im currently waiting the on the dress I ordered for her, and when that arrives, I will show some pictures of how my vision for Proper Pinkie Pie turned out 😀


Dee Dressed and Fixed up!

25 Oct


You may recall that a short while ago I posted some pictures of my old childhood doll Dee. I didn’t have a lot of hope of ever getting him into decent shape, because he was so ratty and run down, but I have succeeded I think, in making him presentable again 😀

First of all I tracked down some acne cream with benzo peroxide, and treated his face for about a week. The pen marks came RIGHT OFF! Im very excited that he has a bright clean face again. Then I gave him a good wash, and unfortunately discovered that his body really is quite permanently stained that grey colour, unless I wanted to bleach him or something, but really the simpler solution seemed to be to clothe him, so that’s what I did.

DeeDressed02 DeeDressed03

I got the outfit from a lovely little Etsy shop. AM – PM Creations makes adorable handmade clothes for Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins dolls, which turn out to have almost the exact same measurements as my Dee. I don’t remember what clothes he originally came in, but Iv always associated him with the colour blue, so blue is what I went with. I think these pajamas suit him to a T!

DeeDressed04 DeeDressed05

No, he dosnt look “like new”, and never will again. But he looks presentable now am I am tickled as punch to put him on display now. Hes spent much too much time buried at the back of a closet 🙂

Elsa! Disney’s Frozen

18 Oct

After a very long and drawn out battle with UPS who lost my package, I have finally received my Disney Store order! This is the Disney Store exclusive Elsa doll, which as usual is worlds better and more movie accurate than Mattels version of the character.

I am SO EXCITED for Frozen, you have no idea. The new trailer looks amazing and I cannot wait for this to hit theaters next month. Im even more excited because of all the controversy buzzing about it, because I love me some good controversy. If you aren’t aware, people are angry that the characters are white, that the characters are blond (kind of? Their original hair colour has been changed by ice magic, but okay), that the characters look similar to the Tangled movie (because Disneys never done that before) and that the story, which is said to be based on The Snow Queen, has nothing to do with the Snow Queen at all except that it… has a Snow Queen in it.

Oh yes, discussing this movie will be fun.
Anyways, I absolutely love Elsas character design. So I ordered the Elsa doll and here she is!

Elsa02 Elsa03

Shes completely regal looking, and very icey. Her dress is gorgeous, all glittery and translucent. My only real issue with the dress is how stiff the fabric is… it dosnt flow very well, and this is kind of my reason for not getting the Anna doll as well. Her dress looked way too stiff and rigid. Elsas is better, but its still not nearly as full as I would like it to be and does not look nearly as good as Meridas dress for example.
That said, its still a great outfit and I really love that its elegant without being absurdly provocative. Elsas a classy lady 😉

Elsa04 Elsa05

No stand, so I have to display her sitting, which is not really how Id like to display her since Disney Store dolls sit really awkwardly with their legs splaying out. But Ill probably get a stand for her eventually.

Whats probably the best thing about this doll for me is the awesome hairstyle. Its wonderfully to look just like the movie, and its a very unique style that you wouldn’t probably see anywhere else. The product in the hair holds it in place and you can really get the feel that her hair has been frozen by ice magic.
The other thing is her pale pale skin tone. Shes exceptionally pale. with almost a purple hue, and it is very eerie looking. You can really buy that this character has been overtaken by ice magics and it looks fantastic.

All in all I really love this Elsa doll, and will probably get Anna too sometime down the line.


Catty Noir

10 Oct


Its time for another Monster High doll!
Id seen a bunch of reviews of her online and was kind of enchanted by her so I thought Id track her down. She came and went pretty quickly from my local Toys R Us so I didn’t get a chance to snatch her off the shelf, but was very pleased to find her offered on Amazon with free shipping, so here we go.

CattyNoir02 CattyNoir03 CattyNoir04

Pink and black is one of my absolute favourite colour combinations, so I was instantly taken with her appearance. Shes also a kitty cat, which I absolutely love. I LOVE anthro dolls, they have a lot of appeal to me, and they look great!
Shes absolutely stunning with her big hot pink hair and Im a huge fan of her massive pony tail. I do wish that the hair wasn’t so messy though, its a tad matted and brushing it dosnt really help. Im sort of afraid to touch it too much lest I make it worse, but it is very pretty.

CattyNoir05 CattyNoir06 CattyNoir07

Probably the only reason I waffled on this purchase at all (and as a result, missed getting her in store) is because Im not really sold on her dress. I like the huge pink ruffles, but Im not a huge fan of the broken glass pattern on the top. It looks a bit like spiderwebs to me and I don’t really think it fits. But she IS meant to be a music idol, so we can let a crazy outfit slide. I think it would be really fun to dress her up in a tiny Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj replica outfit!


Here she is on the shelf! Brings my total of Monster High dolls to four.
Theres clearly some space for more 🙂