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31 Jul


My Toys R Us finally got this in. The Squeeze and Growl Toothless plush. As soon as I started seeing reviews of this popping up on the internet, I was ecstatic.
When How to Train your Dragon first came out, one of the first things I said to my boyfriend at the time (now husband) was “OMG, I want a Toothless Plush.”

At the time, there were none. Yeah, maybe you could find some neat handmade stuff like a Toothless amigurumi or something like that, but there was no official Toothless plush, which I always thought was really a shame,
But now, this is not the case. Now, there is a whole BUNCH of How to Train your Dragon merch, thanks to the Dragons TV series and the sequel coming out soon. And this plushie is EXACTLY what I was hoping for back when the movie hit theaters. This is a gorgeous stuffed animal Toothless.

Toothless04  Toothless06Toothless07
The fearsome Nightfury at his most adorable, in chibi form! He looks amazingly accurate to the character from the movie whilst also being a much more chibified version. He even has the false bit on his tail! And best of all, he growls when you squeeze his tummy and it is SO CUTE OMG.
He cycles through three different growls. One angry roar, one neutral sounding growl, and a happy purr.

This is a near completely perfect toy. I really cant find anything I don’t like about it and Im so much in love with it.
In fact I love this plush so much that I have this childish urge to carry it around with me absolutely everywhere, an impulse that is only quashed by years of social conditioning. (Honestly I think that if it was socially acceptable for grown adults to carry plush toys around with them everywhere, people would be a lot happier because you just couldn’t have a bad day with a stuffed animal to hug all the time)

Toothless03  Toothless01 Toothless02

The detail of the scaley texture of his skin looks great too!
If you are a toothless fan, this is the plushie for you.
I seriously wouldn’t bother with the mini version of this plush, hold out for the big 11” one, it is FANTASTIC. ❤


Skelita! Día de Muertos

29 Jul


Today I purchased a Monster High doll that I have been wanting for a while! I saw this one online and knew that it was one I wanted to add to my collection. This is possibly THE coolest MH doll out there. Its apparently a little on the hard to find side, so I was pretty happy to see it on shelves at my local Target.

SkelitaDress03 SkelitaDress02

Her design is very Day of the Dead and looks absolutely FANTASTIC. I absolutely LOVE the stylized theatrical makeup instead of the glitzy glam makeup these girls usually wear. Its a very different look then the other MH dolls and I adore it. Her look is way less teenage fashionista and more monster, which is great. Iv always liked the IDEA of the MH dolls, but tend to find that most of them are a bit too fashion focused for me and not enough monster focused, but this one is amazing on that front.
Of course what makes all of it come together is the body on this doll.

Skelita04 Skelita03 Skelita02

LOOK AT THIS. She has a FULLY SCULPTED skeleton body. And it is GORGEOUS.
I cant think of many other MH dolls have have as unique a sculpt as Skelita. This is why I really wanted this one, because its the perfect marriage of creepy and beautiful.

SkelitaBody02 SkelitaBody01

Just look at the detail! Its incredible! Now, her anatomy is a little weird. She still has breasts and a bum molded into her bones which is a little weird, though understandable. I think its mostly to make sure her clothes hang normally on her frame, and I don’t mind it. The only other issue is that shes not nearly as poseable as the other MH dolls. Her knees don’t bend well, her head is hard to turn, and her arms are very stiff. But honestly, I don’t mind the limited articulation if it means such gloriously beautiful detail on the mold. 100% my favourite Monster High.


Toothless and Minion

24 Jul

So the other day when I picked up Sofia, I also picked up a couple of other cool toys, but I really wanted Sofia to have her own post so I held off on posting about them.


Well I was really looking for the growling Toothless plush toy, but when I found this utterly adorable figure, I couldn’t pass it up. I really love the How to Train your Dragon movie and ever since it came out, have wanted Toothless merch, and now that a sequel is coming out soon and theres a TV Series, it looks like we’re finally getting some.

IMG_0466 IMG_0467 IMG_0468

I love this figure! He’s not particularly posable, but he just looks fantastic with some beautiful scaly texture and his adorable face lookin up at chu. *3*


IMG_0471 IMG_0472

Yes, I had to head over to McDonalds to pick up my very own minion. The set McDonalds has in the happy meals is pretty darn cool. This one has a whistle gun!
Yes, it may not be quite as awesome as the Minion Goggles that I so very very much wanted, but this minion toy is pretty cool anyways.

IMG_0474 IMG_0475

Looks like he gets along pretty well with Pinkie Pie 😀

Talking Sofia the First

22 Jul


The Mattel Sofia the First: Talking Sofia and Animal Friends has hit shelves! I was actually really pleasantly surprised to see it here so soon since here in Canada we usually get things quite a bit late. Found her at Target, and I have seen people online saying that they have found this one at Walmart as well.

I was really excited about this doll, as it is the only Sofia toy that really really looks like the character from the cartoon series. Interestingly, the Disney Store Exclusive in this case is NOT a great looking doll (even if it is more articulated) and Mattel wins out this round, which is usually the other way around.

Sofia06 Sofia01  Sofia04

She looks absolutely GORGEOUS. She comes with three animal friends, Clover the Bunny, Robin the Robin, and Mia the Bluebird. Its actually a pretty darn cool toy because if you raise the animals up to her, they talk to her and Sofia talks back. Pretty neat! If I was a kid and going to be playing with this doll, I would be pretty thrilled. It works really well too, so I can see kids being really into this toy. For me though of course, shes going to be on the shelf, not really being played with, so the electronic features are a tad extraneous, making the price tag on this doll a bit much.

Sofia02 Sofia05 Sofia07

Her hair was also really messy right out of the box, but she dosnt come with a brush. I used a brush from another toy to fix it a bit, but its not perfect. I even tried to pick the Sofia whose hair looked the least mussed, so your millage may vary on her hair.

Her gown is absolutely lovely though and is 100% spot on and show accurate. On the whole I think this doll looks fantastic, and for a display piece is a great buy (if a bit expensive).

Glamorous Kurhn Candlelight Diner

15 Jul

Another Kurhn!
After how much I utterly adored the last Kurhn I bought, I soon ordered another one of the ones I had had my eye on.  This one is Glamorous Kurhn Candlelight Diner. She arrived much faster then the last one did! I wasn’t expecting her to show up for another couple of weeks, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see her this morning!

CandlelightDress01 CandlelightDress03

As you can see she has much bigger, fancier hair then Orchids Girl. Huge ponytail and one of the few blond Kurhns. Shes done up for a diner date, but once again I’ll note how very little makeup shes actually wearing compaired to North American doll lines. Its probably one of the biggest draw to me about Kurhn.
One thing that Im not as happy about on this doll is the problem that every woman whos ever donned a strapless gown can attest to: Its hard to keep a strapless dress up.
The dress is not tight enough to the doll to stay up, so while handling her her boobs are constantly slipping out! Oops!
This isn’t too huge a problem as a collector since shes going to be sitting on my shelf most of the time, but it could get pretty frustrating if I was doing much else with her.

CandlelightDress05 CandlelightDress04

Regardless its a very pretty gown with lots of ruffles (I love ruffles!) and a great formal party vibe. Its classy as all heck and looks fantastic on her.
Her eyes are also much more detailed then Orchids as well! I just love the anime look of the Kurhn dolls, they really remind me of the Studio Ghibli aesthetic.

CandlelightDress07 CandlelightDress06

As before, posable to an extent. Shes jointed at the elbows and knees but not the wrists or ankles, so shes more posable then a lot of dolls, but less then a Monster High.
CandlelightKimono03 CandlelightKimono02 CandlelightKimono01

Once again she came with a freebie kimono, and this suits the doll a lot more then the one that was included with Orchids did!
These kimonos are a bit stiff so they don’t hang very nicely on the dolls but they are very sparkly and pretty, and they came as an extra so one cant complain too much!
I think she looks absolutely darling in pink :3

Very happy again, and am even more convinced that Kurhn is the way to go for my collection. Kurhns are just so super sweet and innocent looking and I really appreciate that over the bratty attitude look of most North American dolls.
And here she is once more, on display on my shelf!



13 Jul

So since my doll collection is growing a little bit now and dosnt seem to show any signs of stopping any time soon, the places to PUT these dolls was starting to run a bit thin and my bookshelves were starting to look a tad cluttered.
So today I bought a new shelf just for displaying my dolls! What fun! The Monster High dolls have their own spot on a different shelf, but these are the ones who were kind of needing a new space.

ShelfFull  ShelfTop ShelfMiddle

Since Im still pretty new to doll collecting, there aren’t quite enough of them to fill it out yet as you see, so I put the Blythe/MLP centaur and Woobat with them to kind of fill it out a bit. As I get more dolls they will probably move back with the ponies and pokemon stuff respectively!
And there is still a whole third shelf just waiting to be filled! Now I don’t have to worry with every purchase “Do I have somewhere to put this….?”

At least, not for a little while!

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash — Equestria Girls Dolls!!

8 Jul



They are here!!
Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are now gracing the shelves of my local Toys R Us and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.
They are so freaking adorable!!!  I just love their bright colours and huge cartoony booties. (Some people wont like the boots Im sure but Im in love with them so much omg)

These both came with two sets of clothes and boots.  I have them pictured here in the outfits that I preferred them in, as well as with their lovely sparkly wings *3*
I have to say, I utterly adore Rainbow Dashes default boots. Those things are definitely 20% cooler!

Fluttershy04 Fluttershy01 Fluttershy02 Fluttershy03

Fluttershy is for sure my favourite of the two.
This is not really surprising considering she is my favourite of all the ponies and was the one I was the most excited to get. I just love her super long pink hair! So cute~

Im not the hugest fan of the clothes the come in, I would have preferred them to come in the outfits they are seen in in the Equestria Girls movie. Ill probably end up getting some custom clothes made for them in the future, but this will be fine for now.

RainbowDash02 RainbowDash01 RainbowDash03 RainbowDash04

The only thing about Rainbow Dash that Im not really digging is her hair. I do love the idea of putting her hair in a ponytail, but her bangs just don’t sit against her face very nicely and kinda stick up in an odd way. Bangs seem to be a tricky hairstyle for dolls, and its pretty typical for a doll with bangs to have some really odd hair problems.

I do love their cutie marks on their cheeks (get it?? :3) and the mirror of the cutie mark in their eyes. That’s a really neat touch!


They are very posable, with joints stiff enough to hold poses very well. Unfortunately they don’t come with stands (really??) and cant stand up on their own, so unless you have some spare stands around, you will have to pose them sitting down! Which isn’t too terrible, as with enough fiddeling you can have them sit nicely without going spread eagle 😛

I really really love these dolls and cant wait for the rest of the set to hit stores!